My Week In Picture 9/24-9/30

My Week In Picture 9/24-9/30


My honey commissioned this piece from a friend of ours who does stained glass work from his garage. Isn’t it beautiful? Tim’s a huge Prince fan. What really caught my eye is the marble-ish glass. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Or at least not often. It’s a decent size and it costed $150. Took him a couple of weeks to get it done but it was well worth the wait!


My girlfriend Jess has a green thumb but mostly she just grows cacti. She recently decided to try her hand at regrowing romaine lettuce. It’s a simple process that only involves placing the lettuce in some water and giving it plenty of light. Of course, you wanna replace the water when it starts getting mucky. She was convinced it wouldn’t work even after I told her that I’d done this same method a number of times. And that every time, it worked! So anyway, this it the romaine after about a week or so in the water.

But after about 2 weeks you can definitely see how well it’s growing. Granted, it still has a long way to go. I should mention that even though it does work technically, the leaves are never as large as they were in the beginning. Also, you’d really need to do this method with 3 heads instead of 1. That way you’ll have enough growth to get yourself one decent salad at a time. It’s soooo easy! Jess was very pleased with herself – and rightfully so.

I worked at the shop on Saturday and they got a lot of new pieces in from two different artists. This vibrant, colorful tile really spoke to me. I managed to leave without buy it – without buying anything actually. But not before I snapped this pic. Isn’t it gorgeous. And truthfully, this pic doesn’t do it justice. Now, this tile was $20 but she had others there for as low as $10. If you’re in the neighborhood for a fun gift that won’t break the bank, I really think these tiles are a fun and artistic way to gift someone you love.

Saturday night I threw a surprise birthday party for my friends 48th birthday. I co-planned it with his aunt and another friend of ours. She made these adorable cupcakes. I made the cupcake toppers. They got a good chuckle out of everyone. In fact, it wound up that several of the toppers with his face on them wound up taped around the bar. Next to cash registers and so on. I had fun making them, I’m so glad they were well received.

Look at this beauty right here! I grew that! Yes, sir, I did! And then it was perfect timing because we were doing this taco bar birthday party. We needed diced tomatoes and this bad boy was perfect. It was as big as my hand and was quite hefty. I gotta tell you, this tomato was so stinking delicious! I had to try a slice before I diced it all up. If I’m able to get anymore tomatoes off of this plant I intend to save some of the seeds because I was pretty enamored with this tomato.

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