My Week In Pictures 4/9-4/15

My Week In Pictures 4/9-4/15

Last year (and probably a year or two before then) I read about how dandelion oil is great for so many reasons including arthritis. Well, hat’s all I had to hear. I made sure to collect some first thing this spring. I’ll be collecting more soon. I’m collecting the heads because I want to make some dandelion oil for my mother who has arthritis. She’s  will to try anything for some relief. I meant to buy oil from Olive My Heart. I know that it is organic and well made. Once these are dry I’m gonna pour olive oil all over them and let them sit for a few weeks. Wish me luck!

My Uncle died from cancer of the prostate, liver and bones. It was hard. Only 3 years after my father’s death. My Uncle Leon is my father’s brother. We weren’t especially close but family is family. I did for him what I would have done for anyone else. His funeral was even held at the same place as my fathers. Afterward we drove to his burial site. Little did I know that he was a veteran. Yup! Did two years as a radio engineer. I’m surprised! I’m not surprised that he was a radio engineer because he and my father were insanely brilliant at things of that nature. I’m shocked he went to the war. He was more of a hustler than a patriot. Guess I can’t say that no more.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a military funeral but it is sooooo moving. They treated us with so much respect and regard. I knew when we pulled up and saw 10 veterans standing at attention with their guns that this was gonna be something special. It started out with a few words about how much this country owes him for risking his life to save ours. Then we were escorted to a sort of outdoor room? It had 3 concrete walls and an overhang. Once in there another military personnel came up and said a few words about my Uncle’s time in the war. After that, there were 2 young female military officers at either end of his casket. Another young women was outside of the outdoor room and began playing Taps on her trumpet while the other two women went through this very precise flag folding ceremony. It was what really sent some of us over the edge. It was kind of a strange feeling at first because I couldn’t help thinking “what a beautiful day. I hope I make it home in time to enjoy some of this.” Of course, then I felt guilty for letting my mind go off topic. I was suddenly glad that we couldn’t read each others minds. Everything was solemn. I hated to even breathe for fear of breaking the silence. I took pictures (I tried to be discreet) even though I was completely embarrassed to be doing so. I couldn’t stop myself though. I just kept thinking about how none of his 12 children or ump-teen grandchildren made it out to his burial site for whatever reason. I tried to capture what I could including this short drive through the cemetery.

I had my aunt in the car. That’s who I’m talking to.

Unbeknownst to me, there was to be a celebration after the funeral. They had food and music good. At some point I was walking through and managed to snap this photo of all of my Uncle Leon’s daughters aside from two of their mother’s. The one staring at me while I’m taking the picture is my aunt Goodie. She’s a hoot! I think you can tell from this photo that she’s a character and a half. I grew up with Mel, Chrissy and Tonya (right to left: far right in black, up front in pink, and in the middle in the back with blue hair). I love this picture. I’m so glad I stepped in when I did. I have other pictures but I’m debating on whether to share them or not. I mean, people don’t like reading about funerals do they? No. But they do like looking at pictures.

Remember last year when I bought a bunch of dresses from that sketchy Chinese site? I ordered 3 different dresses. I’ve only ever shown you guys one of them. Here’s another. I think this one cost me about $3-$4. But you know how it is when you order from Chine, it takes eternity to get to you. So, my experience is that it’s a gamble to order from these sites. I’ve ordered before and not gotten anything in the mail. That’s why I never buy anything expensive from these sites. I spend about $10-$15 at a time.

Can you believe this dress is an XXL?! Yeah, well, it turns out that Chinese people are much thinner than we are and so our standard sizes are like moo-moo’s in China. It was hard to click that XXL button but they clearly state on their website (multiple times) to order 2 sizes up (us fat Americans). I did what they said and it fit’s perfectly. AND! Because my cheap a** dress came from China I feel like I have a one of a kind. I mean, what’s the chances of someone in my circle buying the same dress from across the globe as I did? Slim to none would be my guess.

Looky, looky! My strawberry plants from last year are blooming and you know what that means. When there’s flowers that means strawberries are close behind. I’m surprised by it’s health because I transplanted them AFTER the winter into a much smaller pot. We’ll see how it goes.

I was visiting my buddy Wooley. Sitting on his porch enjoying the weather when I noticed how pretty his neighbors yard looked. Isn’t it perfect? I love that house but what you see up front is the entirety of their yard. It certainly looks nice though. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

I switched wigs!!! I went back to an old style I’ve bought before. I told myself before I went to the wig store that I wanted to try long hair. But apparently I didn’t listen to myself lol I love having the highlights. I think they’re fun for some reason. I only bought one wig so I hope this one holds up for a good month or two before I go buy a new one.

This photo was take a day or two before the strawberries began to flower. I don’t know what to do about the brown edges. They were like that after the winter. It may just be a part of the growing process since they sat outside all winter. Who knew strawberries could survive a winter?!

Pansies, pansies, pansies! They seem to be doing well. I thought they would spread out but maybe it takes longer than I am thinking. I was reading the tag that came with the plant (I know, I should have read it BEFORE I bought them) and it says that the pansies can grown out up to 6″ and grow tall up to 9″! If that’s true then I really need to get these containers thinned out. Before long the pansies will be choking each other if I don’t.

All around my place are the most beautiful flowering trees! I loved the fuchsia, green and white. Tell me you wouldn’t mind looking out your kitchen window to see that. I love it and I have a window bench just below it.

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