10 Recipes to Satisfy Your Cherry Pie Craving

10 Recipes to Satisfy Your Cherry Pie Craving

One of my favorite memories in my high school years was the desserts my mom would make for the holidays. Sometimes we’d have cheesecake with strawberries. Other times we’d have pie a la mode. Mmmm… and these weren’t homemade pies either. She’d get the frozen ones, Marie Calendars. They were delicious! She’d pull it out of the oven and my mouth would be drooling. I usually ate mine warm with two scoops of ice cold vanilla bean ice cream on top. Man…. we didn’t do any talking while that was in front of us. And depending on what we had in the cupboards we’d add chocolate shell or pecans etc.

Lately I’ve been craving a lot of food from my past and cherry pie a la mode was no exception. I actually thought that making cherry pie would be difficult but in fact it can be super easy! I’m so glad I used my resources, jumped on Pinterest and found some fun, and sometimes easy, recipes to satisfy my cherry pie sweet tooth. I hope you all enjoy these recipes I found. To see the recipes just click on the title of the pie you’re interested in.

Muffin Tin Cherry Pies

Aren’t these adorable? This recipe calls for 8 ingredients, 6 of which I’m sure you have in your fridge/pantry already.


Cherry Puff Pastry Pies

“Store-bought puff pastry = best cherry pie shortcut ever.” The ease of this recipe makes it great. You’ll be using store bought puff pastry and a bag of frozen cherries for this scrumdiliumptious dessert.


Cherry Pie Cookies


If cherry pie were a cookie they’d be THIS! They look a lot like thumbprint cookies to me – another favorite of mine. 7 Simple  and affordable ingredients and you can be making these cuties. The original author suggests that these can be made year-round and I quite agree with her.


Cherry Pie Cookie Cups

 Cherry Pie meets Sugar Cookie in these delicious, bite-sized Cherry Pie Cookie Cups!

Grandma’s French Cherry Pie

This no-bake cherry pie cheesecake looks amazing. And, no, it isn’t store bought. There’s no way a non-baker like myself could ever make something like this from scratch. And that’s fine because YOU DON’T HAVE TO. And do you know why? It’s because this pie is crazy simple and has so few ingredients. It’s another “semi-homemade” gem of a recipe.


Easy Cherry Pie

It can’t get any simpler that 6 ingredients can it? Noooo…. no way you can make a pie with less than 3 ingredients. WRONG! This easy Cherry Pie only uses 4 (yes only four) ingredients. This is not a homemade version but from the look of the reviews it’s still stellar. Have a look at how easy it is to put together,


“I Heart You” Pie Crust


I loved the way this pie looked and that’s why included it. If you were planning on trying that 4 ingredient cherry pie above then you could just add a step where you used a cookie cutter to cut the shapes out of your premade pie crust that you use or the top of the cherry pie. Seems simple to me.

Cherry Pie Pastry Envelope

Here’s another one that grabbed me from just the looks of it. The presentation is simply adorable and that’s why I included it. You have to make a paper template for this one but it’s no big deal. Still give it a try.

Cherry Pie Taquitos

The original author says you can prep these in 5 minutes and them cook them in 5 minutes. She also says “You are only four ingredients away from a truly tantalizing taste bud treat!” So! Fast, easy and delicious. That’s how you would describe this recipe.

If you make either of these tasty treats, do send me an invite. I would be glad to come and eat up the calories that you don’t want =) Also, let us know how your treat turned out in the comments.


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