2 Coupon Printing Sites You May Not Think Of

2 Coupon Printing Sites You May Not Think Of

Every time someone talks to me about coupons they are only thinking of coupons.com but did you know there’s more sources out there? I’m not gonna list them all, only two. Both of which I use. So fire up those printers and check out these two sites for printable coupons:

  1. Lozo – This site is pretty neat for a couple of reasons. The first is you can type in your grocery list and then the site will find you coupons that match your list. You can even have them emailed to you! How convenient is that?! The second is that you can find a bunch of coupons that aren’t on coupons.com. In addition, they offer you other means of saving money such as their Gas Prices Search EngineLOZO’s Grocery Unit Price Comparison CalculatorSimple Loan CalculatorAlerts For Price Drops On Flights Or Hotels and so much more. It’s like your one stop shop for bargain shopping and couponing. Can’t beat it.
  2. Common Kindness This sight is neat because every time you redeem CommonKindness printable grocery coupon they provide funds to your favorite non-profit – at no cost to you! Their motto is “Save Money, Help Others”. They too tend to have coupons that you don’t see on coupons.com but they have less coupons altogether. Still worth checking out at least once a month. Generally speaking, I usually see a high deal of organic coupons and such on this site. Brands that many of us have probably never heard of. So definitely check with this site if you’re into healthy eating.



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