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NAILED IT! or Failed It | Crock Pot Ground Beef

NAILED IT! or Failed It | Crock Pot Ground Beef

This past week Acme had a really nice meat sale. I was glad for it too because I had been working on using up everything in my freezer for some time so I had plenty of space to stock up. I grabbed the BOGO FREE frozen chicken breasts. I also grabbed the $1.99lb ground beef. I had planned on making sliders for my honey and I on Sunday but he wanted to grab dinner out instead. Fine with me but I still had to do something with that ground beef I had waiting in my refrigerator. That’s when I remembered that I’d seen where some people cook large amounts of ground beef (anywhere from 3-5 lbs) in their crockpots. At first I wasn’t willing to try it because I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Don’t know why.

But recently I’d been seeing that old pin pop up in my Pinterest feed. And there I was with a large amount of ground beef. I thought… “Eh… Why not? At least if this doesn’t work I will have paid rock bottom price for the meat.”

photo credit to MOMables

So! How’d I do it? Well, I mostly followed MOMables instructions. I started out by getting some spices together. I only used salt and pepper and I seasoned it generously. I put it all in the crockpot. Set the temperature to high for 4.5 hours. SIDENOTE: I did that right when I got home from work and it was ready to go in the freezer/fridge by bedtime. Every half hour or so I would go and break it up with a wooden spoon. At the end of 4.5 hours I had me some cooked ground beef. I tried it and it tastes the same as it would any other time. Next I poured the whole kit and caboodle into a strainer and let it sit for about 20-30 minutes. I also always rinse my ground beef with water (I’m just trying to remove as much grease as I can). I don’t run it under the water for long. Don’t wanna wash away all the flavor. When I went back I separated the beef into 3 baggies with equal parts. I put them all in the freezer and plan to try defrosting one of them out for this weekend. I’ll let ya know then how the ground beef holds up to being kept in the freezer. I’ll let you know if I find any loss in texture and/or flavor.

For now, I can say that this method NAILED IT!

Keep in mind that I haven’t defrosted any of it and ate it yet so I can’t comment on the integrity of the meat after it’s been thawed and reheated.

NAILED IT! or Failed It | Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

NAILED IT! or Failed It | Asparagus Stuffed Chicken

I tried a new recipe. That’s nothing new. I’m always trying new recipes. It’s one of the joys in my life. Anywho, I saw it on Facebook about a week or two ago and it never slipped my mind. I finally decided to make it. Click the link below to see the video that I initially watched.

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Breast

So… as usual I had to make some slight changes. First off, the chicken breasts I had were already split (they’re the frozen bag kind you get at Giant Eagle). I decided not to use two of them to create one large chicken breast. Instead, I just used one half and folded it over.

Another change I made was that they appeared to use some really thick asparagus stalks. I was always told that the thin ones are better so that’s what I used.

I didn’t have any lemons to zest so I left that flavor out completely.

And finally, with my little half a chicken breast it was hard to keep it together so I use toothpicks to help me out with that. At first I didn’t and then when I went to flip the chicken all of the cheese and asparagus fell out. Lesson learned. Maybe you won’t have this problem with large chicken breasts but with small you’ll need something to hold it together. If not toothpicks the maybe some kitchen string??

Overall, this dish NAILED IT! I was so pleased with how this tasted and how quickly I was able to put it together. The chicken was tender, juicy and perfect as was the asparagus perfectly cooked. Add on that it’s healthy to boot. I was even thinking that if you didn’t want to do the dairy then you could do garlic and mushrooms. I may try that next.

EASY Valentine’s Day Strawberry Treats

EASY Valentine’s Day Strawberry Treats

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner most stores have their strawberries on sale. One deal that caught my eye was Giant Eagle will have their 1lb packages on sale Buy One Get One Free. But Aldi will have their 16oz. packages on sale for $1.49!! You know what that means? They’re affordable and perfect for foodie gift giving. Below are several ideas I found that I thought were cute and easy.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Pops

I thought these looked great. Plus, if you’re like me and have a few bags of chocolate chips left over from the holidays then this idea comes in at EXTREMELY affordable.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Hearts

I tried a simpler version of these a year or two ago and I was not successful. I left out the Nutella because I don’t like Nutella. There! I said it. Don’t get me wrong. They still tasted great but they were an ugly hot mess. They looked nothing like hearts by the time I was done but I’d be willing to give it another try even though this is a bit time consuming.

Nutella Deviled Strawberries

Even though Nutella ain’t my jam I know plenty of people who love it including my mom. And I can’t be positive but if I were into Nutella I think this would be a quick, easy, delicious way to go.

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

I LOVE CHEESECAKE. It’s right up there with ice cream cake. I mean, luuuuuuuv me some cheesecake. So much so that I’ve even perfected the crockpot version. This recipe is much easier though. Even calls for less ingredients but I bet it tastes amazing still.

Strawberries Filled with Whipped Cream Over a Bed of Chocolate

I love the sound of is but to be honest, ain’t nobody got time for making homemade whipped cream. That’s too many dirty dishes. So I’m thinking regular or Reddi Whip should be good too. That aside, I think this recipe looks easy, delicious and classy.

Loaded Slow Cooker Grits

Loaded Slow Cooker Grits

I love me some grits. I don’t eat them terribly often because they’re so high in calories but I do eat them. It’s mainly a winter thing for me. I prefer them with butter and salt but I enjoy them with milk and sugar too. Whenever someone says grits to me I think of that scene in My Cousin Vinny. Forgot that, did ya? Well here, lemme refresh your memory…

That’s not even the only dialogue they have on grits in this movie either. The next “grits” scene comes much later in the movie when Vincent asks a witness if he has “magic grits”. He’s wearing this ridiculous suit because he ruined his other one trying to get his car out of mud the previous night.

Can you tell I love this movie? It’s one of those “if ever it’s on I gotta watch it” type of movies for me. I still laugh at it. I’m giggling just thinking about it.

Moving on, as luck would have it I was on youtube watching a video on one recipe or another when this video for loaded slow cooker grits aut0-played next. They had me with loaded. As you all may know, “loaded” generally refers to adding extra ingredients to enhance you food. In this case it meant adding bacon (yes child… bacon), cheddar cheese and green onion. Sounds good right?

So then I was going through the upcoming Acme Fresh Market circular and behold:

Seems like it was fate for me to try that recipe, right? I already all of the ingredients. I’m gonna attempt to make a much smaller batch since by boyfriend hates grits. It’s a texture thing for him. Wanna try it out too? Take a look:

If you were wanting some printable directions then go HERE. There you’ll find all the ingredients and instructions for making Loaded Slow Cooker Grits. If you give it a try, lemme know how it turned out for you.

Pinterest NAILED IT! Or Failed It | Quick Cilantro Lime Chicken

Pinterest NAILED IT! Or Failed It | Quick Cilantro Lime Chicken

Photo credit to:

This recipe for Quick Cilantro Lime Chicken popped up in my PINTEREST feed awhile back. As amazing as it looks, it took me the better part of 2 months to even get around to making it. Seriously, doesn’t this look scrumptious?!

The ingredients are all flavors that I like and it wasn’t gonna break the bank to cook this. Besides, I had all of the ingredients on-hand. The only 3 substitutions I made were:

  1. Using chicken THIGHS instead of chicken breasts.
  2. Changing the ingredient amounts to something suitable for a meal for 1 person.
  3. I’m sensitive to citrus flavors so I only used 1 lime.

It was actually very easy to do. I was doing great chopping everything up. Assembling the ingredients and so forth. But then I started getting worried while I was cooking up the chicken. There seemed to be a lot browning happening on the bottom of the pan (however, if I had read the directions all of the way through I would have seen that this is SUPPOSED to happen).

Cilantro Lime Chicken


I was sure I was over cooking it and gonna burn it but I didn’t. I wound up doing just fine… mostly. I added my lime juice as instructed and things cleaned up quite a bit. *smile* Once all done I plated it up and took a couple pics. Looks awesome, right? Looks pretty much the same way the original photo from the recipe source looks (goodness knows that almost never happens). I couldn’t wait to bite into it.

Well…. I took my first bite and I gotta admit that I was kinda disappointed. It mostly tasted like lime juice and nothing else. BUMMER! Even though I only used the juice of 1 lime. The pieces that didn’t taste like a wedge of lime were bland. Hmmmm…. I’m convinced I must’ve done something wrong. The meal was still edible for sure. The chicken and avocado were plenty filling for me. I’m gonna try this recipe again.

For now, I can’t say that this recipe was successful. I still think it’s worth another try. And when I do make this again I’ll be sure to update this post accordingly. However for today, this recipe for quick cilantro lime chicken:


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31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 14

31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 14

Day 14. That means 2 solid weeks of Christmas and not once have I mentioned drinks (and not necessarily all cocktails). Whaaaaaat?! Don’t worry, problem solved today!!

The BEST Homemade Egg Nog recipe! The eggs are tempered and cooked and the recipe is fantastic!

I can’t talk about Christmas drinks and not mention Eggnog. Over the years I’ve come to find that people either can take it or leave it. Personally, I love eggnog and buy a carton each year. Truthfully, I prefer homemade but I ain’t making it. As soon as I found out it needed to be heated precisely that excluded me. Seriously, my stove does not have the knobs on it that came with it. I had to buy a thermometer to even know what temp my oven is. Unfortunately, to date I haven’t bought a stove top thermometer. However, if you own one this looks recipe for Homemade Eggnog from Tastes Better from Scratch simple to make and most of the ingredients you probably have already.

Coquito - A Classic Puerto Rican Christmas Drink Recipe with rum, coconut and spices.Have you heard of Coquito (pronounced co-hito). This one I’ve only ever had once in my life. It was homemade by a Puerto Rican friend of mine and lemme tell ya, it’s the bomb! However, I was doing a little research for the blog post and it’s debatable as to whether or not eggs go in it or anise. I asked my friend and she said she doesn’t use eggs. That she was told the Rum in the recipe wasn’t added until the recipe came to America. You can make it kid-friendly or adult-friendly. Either way is terrific. Some consider Coquito a coconut version of Eggnog and I would sort of agree with that. This Coquito recipe from Thrifty Junkie seemed a happy medium between all the supposed “authentic” Coquito recipes I found.

Best Ever Creamy Crockpot CocoaOf course Hot Chocolate was gonna make this list. It’s definitely a favorite of mine. I pretty much consume my weight in Hot Chocolate by the end of winter. And what’s worse is that I use the cheap stuff – Swiss Miss. But you know, I’ve always thought that making it in a crockpot is probably pretty darn good. I found this Best Ever Creamy Crockpot Cocoa from One Good Thing. I haven’t tried it yet but I will. The ingredients are about as basic as you can get. Takes 2 hours to make but I’m okay with that. I would actually like to try this with Mexican chocolate. You know, the kind with cinnamon and chiles. I think that would really give this a special sort of warmth and savory taste. Anywho, the original posts suggest using mint chocolate chips or white chocolate and so on which means that it’s a pretty flexible recipe to boot. If you try it, let us know what you think. Some of my favorite toppings are whipped cream and cinnamon. Mmmmm…

How to Make Hot Buttered Rum

This is a cocktail I’ve not actually had but always wanted to try. Hot Buttered Rum. Doesn’t that sound delicious?! I keep half expecting it to show up on the menu at the restaurant around the corner from me, Chop & Swizzle. The season’s not over yet. It may still make an appearance. In the meantime, I could certainly make it for myself.  I found this recipe for Hot Buttered Rum from The Kitchen is My Playground. Trying to decide if I’ll try this one before I try the Crockpot Hot Cocoa. Decisions… decisions.

Mulled Wine

Mulled wine from Ina Garten? Seriously, can’t go wrong with this one. Every recipe of her (all dishes and not cocktails) turned out perfect. The directions are as follows “Combine the cider, wine, honey, cinnamon sticks, zest, juice, cloves and star anise in a large saucepan, bring to a boil and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes. Pour into mugs, add an orange peel to each and serve.” But better yet, watch the video.

31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 6

31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 6

So, the holiday season (and winter) is all about comfort foods. Just the thought of it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy however I keep in mind that I’ve finally gotten myself to my perfect weight. All those comfort foods threaten that because let’s face it, many comfort foods contain loads of calories. With that in mind I decided that I should find us some comfort foods that don’t ruin your calorie count. Sound good? Well, here’s 5 recipes for traditional comfort foods that are low calorie.

Skinny Mushroom Spinach Lasagna

Skinny Mushroom Spinach Lasagna
Source: Little Spice Jar

This lasagna looks amazing, am I right?! Well it’s vegetarian and low calorie. By using wheat lasagna noodles, no fat ricotta and skim mozzarella cheese this recipe is “waistline friendly”. According to the source the lasagna is a mere 245 calories per serving! That’s pretty awesome because to me that means I can have TWO SERVINGS! You don’t even miss the meat that you would normally find in a lasagna. Not only is it low calorie but it also cooks up in 45 minutes! Of course, if you’re not counting calories then by all means go with full flavor options as opposed to the low/no fat ingredients.

Oven Baked Chicken Parm

Oven-Baked Chicken Parmesan
Source: Smile Sandwich

I’ve never made nor ate chicken parm ever in my life. I know, I know…. how could that be? Well, I’m not big on fried foods (again with the whole calorie thing, geesh) and red sauce isn’t a particular favorite of mine either. And truthfully chicken parm always looks incredibly heavy to me until now. My boyfriend has been asking for this (and stuffed peppers) for all 8 years we’ve been together and I’ve never obliged. That’s gonna change. This recipe sounds right up my alley minus the wheat noodles. I’ve tried them before and the texture grossed me out so we will be having this with regular old pasta.

Low Fat Chocolate Pudding

Source: Cooking Channel

Comfort foods definitely include sweet treats in my book. It’s good to know I can satisfy my sweet tooth for a measly 120 calories! It’s not difficult and you probably already have half of the ingredients in your pantry right now. So much better for you than those pudding cups – and tastier.

Supergreen Mushroom and Orzo Soup

Source: Good Housekeeping

There is not one thing, not a one, that I don’t love about this soup. Well, I take that back because celery and I aren’t the best of friends but we can get along. It’s a warm, healthy & GREEN 230 calorie treat! And when you do make it be ready to eat! The recipe makes 6 servings.

Skinny Salsa-Beef Chili

Source: Betty Crocker
Source: Betty Crocker

I love, Love, LOVE me some chili. And not just beef chili. I’ve had 3-meat chili (my honey makes this), beef chili, chicken chili, no bean chili (my favorite!) and vegetarian chili. It’s all good if you ask me but just like every recipe you can make a few adjustments to cut back on the calories. They cut the calories in this recipe by using extra lean ground beef and Reduced-fat sour cream (optional).

There ya have it folks! 5 low calorie comfort food recipes for you to try this December. I think the first recoipe I’m going to try will be the Supergreen soup.

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Oh Thanksgiving… not one of my favorite holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I love any day where I get to sit around and eat all day and no one judges. But, traditional Thanksgiving food just doesn’t do it for me. I pretty much treat it as my boyfriends holiday because he loooooves it. He appreciates a giant turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes. But the appetizers are all mine =) So here’s how it went for me this year.

A friend of mine gave me a pie pumpkin to make my own homemade pumpkin pie. I was totally excited to give this a shot. I received two sets of instructions on how I should prepare the pumpkin. One set was to boil the pumpkin and the other was to microwave the pumpkin. I decided to microwave because I thought it was less labor intensive. Well, it didn’t work out so well for me. I now know that I didn’t cook it long enough because it was too stringy so what I wound up doing was pureeing it in the blender to get a smoother texture.

I was so proud of myself. It wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t as stringy anymore. So I turned on my oven to get it preheated. Then I pulled out my premade frozen crust and I poured the pumpkin mixture into the shell. Slowly carried it over to my oven once it was heated and set my timer. Phew! I did it. I made my first pumpkin pie. I had only one little hiccup and I fixed it. I was honestly feeling like some sort of master baker. I’m not. Think about it, is there anything I forgot to do? YUP! About 10 minutes into the baking time I realized that I had gotten so full of myself for preparing the pumpkin from scratch that I forgot to add the rest of the ingredients.

So I tried to spoon it out but that was taking entirely too long. That’s when I came up with the brilliant idea to slowly & carefully pour it out. Well the thing is, not only was this idea NOT brilliant, I also didn’t pour it our slowly nor carefully. You can guess what happened.

Yup! I found myself with an uncooked pumpkin disaster. I don’t really know how it happened. One second I was just barely tipping the pie and then the next it was this big pile of gobbily-goop. Ugh… I promised the guys I’d make them a pumpkin pie so….. Off to the store I went for some canned pumpkin. NOTE TO SELF: Boil the pumpkin next time and for goodness sakes READ THE DAMN RECIPE so you don’t forget pivotal ingredients.

Shrimp cocktail is a MUST for an appetizer at my holiday meals. But I did change it up a couple years ago. I made the wonderful discovery of how easy it is to make shrimp cocktail. I almost always have the ingredients in the kitchen anyways. PLUS, I know this phrase gets overused but in this case it’s totally true, homemade tastes soooooo much better than the jar stuff. And because I make it homemade I can tailor it to our taste which means I use a bit more horseradish and a few drops of sriracha. It’s Mmmm… mmmmm… good.

So I made my first cheeseball a few weeks prior and I really, really liked it. So much so that I thought it would be a nice app for Thanksgiving. I made this one slightly different though. This one was ranch, cheddar and chives. I saw on Pinterest how one woman covered her cheeseball in cheddar cheese and then formed it into a pumpkin. I tried it her way and my pumpkin was looking more like a lopsided, fat Gumby. That’s when I had the crazy idea of using rubber bands. Except, I only had 2 rubber bands. That’s when my genius mind thought of connecting twist ties. Yeah. It looks crazy but it worked. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.

My mister has a huge sweet tooth so of course I made him cake but I did them is my cake boss 3 tier baking pan. This is only the second time I’ve gotten the cakes to come out without falling apart. This was just a marble cake box mix from Duncan Hines. He likes it and that’s all that matters. Anywho, I always wind up with these muffin top parts that I throw away. I started to make some cake pops with them but then I remembered I have no sticks left. So then I decided I could take them into the office until I remembered, most of us are dieting. Plus I’m sure they had their own sweets from the holiday. Oh well… in the trash they went.

I used regular old way-too-sweet Duncan Hines icing on the cakes. I died it orange with a little bit of food coloring for some Thanksgiving pizzazz. And while they didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted them to they still turned out very nice IMO.

See! I added some green sprinkles. They were all I had outside of little flowery candies that didn’t really say “Thanksgiving” to me. My misted loved them. He even text me to say “The orange cakes were delicious.” I told him it was from the box but he still wanted to give me some kind of credit for it. Awwww… I love it when he compliments my cooking.

Another holiday favorite of mine is deviled eggs. I normally try to do something fancy with them. Last time I made them I used avocado instead of mayo. Yummy. I’ve made BLT deviled eggs. Those too were super yummy. I’ve made many different versions but this time around I went with the classic deviled egg. Bad news is I forgot to put them out. So when I went to pack the doggie bags for the guys they each got 2 eggs and then I kept the rest. They last one day. When I say I love deviled eggs, I mean it.

And my final app, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, were a last minute addition. You see, my local Acme Fresh Market sent out coupons for a free dozen eggs and pack of bacon. Yahoo!!! But wait! Then, a printable coupon came out that made Reese water chestnuts free! Hot damn! And then the idea for bacon wrapped water chestnuts took hold. My girlfriend used to make these for out potlucks all of the time. She would soak them in soy sauce this. This recipe was quite different. It involved brown sugar, honey and some other stuff. They were really nice but the recipe said to “dip” the bacon wrapped water chestnuts into the brown sugar sauce. That worked but the flavor of the sauce was super mild. On some of them you couldn’t even taste it. Next time, and there will be a next time, I will pour the sauce on them. Just to get a bit more of that sweet sauce.


Excuse the crappy photo. It looked really clear to me the day I took the pic. Clearly I must’ve been suffering from “can’t see sh!t” that day because this photo is crazy blurry. But! I’ll tell you what, that pie was very good. Tim and the guys raved about how good it was. No kidding, I ran into a mutual friend who had seen my honey. He said “I heard your pumpkin pie was to die for.” Color me tickled. I got the recipe from my girlfriend who gave me the pumpkin. You can check it out HERE. Now this recipe is lighter than your normal dense pumpkin pie. I’m told that the Sweetened condensed milk is what gives it that lighter texture. Try it! It’s super yummy!

Ta-da!!! Nice looking spread, right? Like how I took the stem from my pie pumpkin and cut it short to use on my cheeseball pumpkin? I think it really looks nice and festive.

Overall, EVERYTHING was delicious. My mister and friends really enjoyed and was thankful for the meal he and I created. And truthfully, that’s the best part of Thanksgiving day. Well, no. It’s second best. The best is the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade. It’s been the tradition of my mother and I to watch it every year and even when I moved out I kept the tradition going. As does she. Difference is, I’m watching it in Ohio and she’s watching it in New Mexico.

Gobble, gobble!

My Week In Pictures 10/16/16 – 10/22/16

My Week In Pictures 10/16/16 – 10/22/16

At my last zentangle meeting I bought two of these paper globes. They were actually the project from the previous meeting however I didn’t make it to that meeting. Maria, one of our resident CZTs, was kind enough to bring a few in for me. She also brought her bone folder so that I could score all the places on the template that would need to be folded. Initially, I thought that I was supposed to leave the half moon shapes empty. But then when I started to assemble the globe it became clear to me that those pieces also needed to be tangled. The photo above doesn’t show the finished piece but the header photo shows. I’m really pleased with the new tangle I tried. It’s called petal panes (top panel). It reminds me of sunflowers and it’s super easy to draw. The other two tangles shown are cocks & mussels (middle panel) and verdigogh (bottom panel). I’m absolutely loving the finished product. Check it out.

Tada!!! Isn’t it wonderful?! I have one more template to do later this year and I think I’m gonna send it to my original zentangle teacher as a present. I’m sure she knows how to put one together and she would love it =) But shhhhh…. don’t tell her. It’s gonna be a surprise.

So there I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway at my job on Monday. Almost immediately my tire light came on. Problem is, the tire light on this new car looks exactly like the Traction light on my old car. Initially I thought the light was misbehaving because there was not rain, no slow, nothing that would activate any kind of traction so I ignored it until I got home. I got out and looked at all the tires and so this giant nail sticking out of my tire. Luckily, they were able to pull it out and plug the hole for $15 bucks. Much, much cheaper than paying for a new tire. Phew!!

My mom was so sweet. She sent me these goodies she saw on groupon. The socks are those super fuzzy and soft socks and the infinity scarf is fairly thin but that’s okay. I love the design. This past game I completely forgot she sent them so I pulled them out and left them sitting somewhere obvious. This coming Sunday they will be the stars of my Browns outfit (yes. I wear complete outfits for the game.)

I tried another recipe I found on Pinterest and it was the BOMB!! It’s a Hamburger Stir Fry from Chef Julie Yoon. I would agree with the comments. If you want more sauce then double that part of the recipe. I’m not normally a saucy person, I don’t care for juicy/wet food. Even my spaghetti is pretty dry because I go very light on sauce. However, this recipe I wanted more of that delicious sauce. YUMMM!

Pinterest Failed it or NAILED IT! | Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger Recipe

Pinterest Failed it or NAILED IT! | Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger Recipe

This the first time I’ve ever used butter on a burger. The recipe tells you to slice your onions thin and then leach them with a little bit of salt. After thirty minutes you wring the water out of them to help them brown faster. Then you melt 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter in the pan. While that’s melting you break up the beef into 4″ balls. Then you place your nest of onions onto a surface (cutting board, whatever) and place a meat ball on top. Press it down with your palm. Transfer your onion/beef patties to the pan and cook!


Oh man was this delicious! I really wish I’d had the pickles to go on this burger. I bet that would’ve really sent it over the top for me. If you’d like to try the recipe you can find it HERE. And if you try it, lemme know what you think. I can’t wait to make these again but let’s face it. There’s nothing healthy going on here which means I can only have it every now and again. =)

My photos really didn’t do it justice. I cooked the burgers perfectly. They were flavorful and juicy and just YUM!

Mmmmm…. Looking at this picture I can taste it all over again. I think it’s obvious how I feel but in case you couldn’t tell – THIS RECIPE NAILED IT!

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