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My Week In Pictures 3/12 – 3/18

My Week In Pictures 3/12 – 3/18

On Sunday I created this wreath for my front door. Looks fabulous doesn’t it? Well, it’s not how I originally thought it would turn out but it’s still lovely none the less. You can read about how I did this HERE. My goal was to make a spring wreath but this looks more and more fall-ish to me. I asked my bargain shoppers what they thought and they didn’t help any. What do you think? Can I use this in spring or shall I save it for fall?

I bought some bacon at Acme. I had a $0.50 coupon for Sugardale Bacon. They just happened to have it on sale for $3.99. With my coupon I paid $2.49 – my stock up price. Really wish I’d had more of those coupons but I was lucky to even get that one printed. I don’t know why, but I would say that 50% of the time I have a hard time printing Bricks coupons. Is anybody else seeing that too? Anyway, I used it for lunches. The first two days I had bread and made BST sandwiches but then I ran out so I made BST wraps. Used a light mayo. They were very tasty.

My order finally came in from Born Pretty. I posted about it way back at the beginning of the year. You all know that when you’re ordering from China it’s gonna take eternity to get to you.  According to my original post I bought these things online on January 11th. I received the rest of my package (the hologram glue and two white tapes came about a month ago) on March 13th. That’s TWO MONTHS!!!

It was worth the wait though. I have a whole breakdown of what I bought and links to the items so you can buy them yourself. And guess what…. Most of it was under $1 each at the time I bought them. I got 29 items for $37.71 so that should tell you. I can’t say they’re the same price now. You’ll just have to use the links and go figure it out for yourself. To buy these products click HERE.

After a second look I realized that not my complete order arrived. I’m still missing 2 things from what I can tell. If they don’t show up I won’t make a fuss.

I’m thinking about doing a more in-depth look at the products I bought. Maybe a video if the weather cooperates… we’ll see.

My mom has been outta town for a week. Well, truthfully, she travels a lot. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Anywho, she came home from Colorado to this gorgeous sunset. Looks like someone painted the sky, doesn’t it? So pretty. I can’t wait to get back there for a visit.

While my mom was in Colorado she visited the Denver botanical gardens. She saw this purple cactus outside. Now, purple isn’t one of my fave colors but when nature uses it I do adore what I see. Doesn’t even look real, does it?

This too she saw at the Denver botanical gardens. She said it was growing on a TREE in their tropical garden. She says that when you get closer it looks like a sea urchin. Very pretty, huh? And that red is to die for. I wonder what kind of plant this is…?

I tried a new recipe I found on Facebook for Asparagus Stuffed Chicken from I Wash You Dry. I wrote a quick review on the recipe and what changes/substitutions I made, if any. You can find that review HERE. I only had the one piece for dinner because I had at two scoops of ice cream earlier in the evening – before dinner. I’m a bad girl.

photo credit to MOMables

A few years ago I was on Pinterest and saw where you can brown large quantities of ground meat in your crockpot. I thought it was a great idea but I also thought it sounded sketchy and therefore never tried it. Until recently when I kept seeing this pin in my feed. I finally decided to give this method a try. Especially since Acme Fresh Market just had their super meat sale this week and I stocked up on ground beef. So what d’ya think? Does it work or no? Find out my answer in THIS BLOG POST where I review my experience.

Me and my honey bunny took Friday, March 17th off for St. Patrick’s day. We strolled about downtown with several friends of ours. The first stop for kegs and eggs at the High Street Hop House. It’s owned by friends of ours. They opened a few weeks ago. We started the day at 8am and ended at 11p!!! Rather, my night ended at 11pm. Everyone else stayed out. Truthfully, I’m surprised I made it that long. However, I did pace myself and I ate my weight in anything that was in sight. Did everything I could to avoid a hangover. And guess what… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! No headache or anything the next day. At least, nothing associated with copious amounts of drinking. Nope. Nothing like that. Just Aunt Flo putting a halt to an otherwise great weekend.

I spent an unnecessary amount of time doing my nails Saturday evening. I was trying out the new foil I bought. It takes some getting used to and I was never really able to get the result I initially wanted however I did get it onto my nails. Is it perfect? God no! At first I thought it looked a wreck. Then after some time I grew to like it. I told myself it looked shiny and vintage. Whatever… I still liked it. Notice though in the photo above that some nails had a clear topcoat while others had a gold or white nail color beneath the foil. I was experimenting to see which way I liked best. Well, I didn’t care for the gold. I liked the clear topcoat. And the white nail color was just okay. It’ll probably be awhile before I try this again. I do like the finished effect but time consuming would be an understatement.

I found a 4″ ivy plant at Giant Eagle of all places. It was super healthy and bug free (always check for soil, leaf and/or stem bugs – many of them spread and some of them jump. Get it on one plant and there’s a pretty good chance any other plants in the vicinity will be afflicted with the same bugs). Anyway, I needed it because back last summer I bought this super nice water planter but the ivy plants they gave me for the planter didn’t make it. In fact, I don’t think they lasted another two weeks from bringing them home. I finally remembered to try and replant something in it.

Guess who didn’t go a whole damn month of more with a trash bag full of clothes to donate? THIS GIRL! I’m so proud of myself. I couldn’t believe it when I remembered I had them in the car at the same time that I was near a donation bin. Go figure. Surprisingly, there were two boxes literally within 100ft of one another. This one was salvation army. The other one I know as being associated with cults and the like. Look it up if you want to but I prefer to use the Salvation Army bins as opposed to the other ones.

I told y’all to stock up last week. If you had the $1/2 ziplocs coupons that is. I know I did. I stopped at Giant Eagle pretty much every day and used 2 coupons as allowed. When the week was done I had 16 boxes!!!! This oughtta last me half a year or more provided no one comes over and steals half of it. my boyfriend and friends sometimes confuse my place for a free grocery store. Don’t worry… I tell them when they’re wrong =P

DIY Door Decoration

DIY Door Decoration

Oh boy… You know how hard it was for me to come up with a name for this? And I still don’t like “door decoration” but I’m seriously out of ideas. I was gonna say wreath but then it’s not exactly round. If you can think of a better name then tell me.

Moving on, isn’t it just the cutest? And it was so easy too. Here’s the thing, I got it in my head that I wanted something new to hang on my front door (of course, you could hang it anywhere you wanted). I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it because I don’t have anyplace to store anything. It will most likely be seeing the trash once I’m done with it. With that in mind I took my happy lil’ self to the Dollar Tree near my work. I bought 3 stems of Zinnias, 2 sheets of moss and hot glue gun sticks. Everything else I already had or found.

I started by laying out what I had planned to do. The box lids I grabbed at work. They will provide the entire backside to this project.







Then I cut up the two lids and taped them together with some decorative duct tape I bought from the Dollar Tree. I placed one of the moss sheets in the center by gluing it down with E6000 that I already had.




And to make  sure it stayed in placed I put a book on top of the newly clued moss sheet. It only needed to stay there for 1o minutes or so.








Next I concentrated on putting flowers along the border of the moss sheet. I didn’t want any of the cardboard showing. I used my hot glue gun to affix the flowers.







Sorry this image isn’t turned around correctly. I was unable to get it to rotate. Must be some silly glitch. Anywho, I got all my flowers glued down when I realized that I didn’t have enough flowers. DOH!




So instead of heading to the store I simply cut the cardboard down to size. As you can see, I wound up leaving some small spaces of cardboard outside of the flowers so that I could use pieces from my other moss sheet to cover them. I used hot glue for that as well. I also added some ribbon that I’ve had for 2 years or so from another project.




Doesn’t it look just lovely?

Now you don’t have to do yours the way I did mine. I was just winging it.

I will also be adding some words to the center but I haven’t figured out what and how. I could probably paint something on there but I would only want to do that if I can find my letter stencils. Or… I could print something and pin it to the project (remember, there’s just cardboard beneath). But then, I would probably need to have it laminated. Come to think of it, I have a product that I can use which would make the paper waterproof (I used it for my photo coasters).

Also, I could have very easily went and bought about 4-5 more flower stems and filled up the initial area but I decided against it.

Altogether this project cost me a wopping $5. BIG SPENDER!!!! Not really. If you make one lemme know. I wanna see it =)

Crafty Row | Cheap, Easy, DIY Fruit Bowl

Crafty Row | Cheap, Easy, DIY Fruit Bowl

Craft time! I bought a bowl and glass at Dollar Tree recently. They both cost $1 each plus taxes for a final cost of $2.14. I then washed them good and dried them. Next, I spray painted them. I used spray paint I had left over from a different craft project for my kitchen. It’s called “Red Pepper and is available at Lowe’s. Apply as many coats as you need to get your desired effect. Let the pieces dry thoroughly. Finally, I glued the two pieces together to make myself a fruit bowl. What d’ya think?


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31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 7

31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 7

What’s Christmastime without crafting? I picked up these clear ornament balls at Dollar Tree. I could have bought some stickers and so on to decorate them with but I wasn’t interested in taking any shortcuts (or spending more money). I know I’ve said this probably 100 times before but I’ve just bought a car 2.5 months ago and funds are tight! Gotta make due the best I can, ya know. Which isn’t hard for me being the master couponer/deal finder/shopper that I am. Yes. I just totally tooted my own horn. lol

Now, when I saw these I had a plethora of ideas and of course I wanted to consult Pinterest (you can see all those results HERE). Truth is, looking at all those ideas might be overwhelming for some but it wasn’t for me as I was trying to find ideas that worked with things I already have. Goodness knows I have enough craft supplies to keep 10 people busy for a month (I don’t know what that means but it felt right, hahaha). There’s really no need for me to buy more supplies.

Part of my hesitance to get started was figuring out if I wanted these ornaments to be keepers or throw-aways. Hmmm…. decisions, decisions. Well, while I’m deciding have a look at some of these fun ideas I found for clear ornaments on Pinterest.

Dip Mix Ornaments from Sprinkle Some Fun

Photo credit to Bubbly Nature Creations

Don’t these look adorable?! I love the idea however the blogger does mention that the ornaments she used WERE NOT labeled as appropriate for food use. She’s been using them since 2013 and apparently hasn’t had any problems but if that bothers you then be sure to find bulbs that as labeled as food safe. This idea could work for many things: Candy, m&ms, hot cocoa, dry rubs and so on.

DIY Monogram Ornaments by Pizzazzerie

DIY Glittered Monogram Ornaments made with the Silhouette Portrait
Photo credit to Pizzazzerie

You had me at Glitter. Don’t these look high end to you? I especially like that they’re monogrammed so you can make everyone feel special.

Nail Polish Ornaments by the Nail Network

photo credit to the Nail Network

If you’re using that cheapie drugstore polish then this is totally affordable. From what I could gather, she got around 5 balls from each bottle of nail polish – depending on the kind you use. It’s explained in the blog that the thicker the polish you use the hard it is to coat the inside of the ball.

DIY Bath Salt Ornament by My Coupon Expert


I am in love with this idea and I know exactly who to make it for. I’ve been taking Epsom salt baths for a little while now. Ever since I upped my workout schedule I find that I have sore muscles more often and the Epsom salt bath is supposed to relieve that and help pull out toxins. It definitely works in my experience. Adding high quality essential oils only makes this better.

DIY Ornaments by Tattly


I’m totally digging this but to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I saw those temporary tattoos anywhere. That could just be because I don’t have children and am NEVER even thinking about them let alone looking for them. BUT! If you know where to find some (an you can buy them on the Tattly website for $5) this is a fun idea. Although, truthfully I’m thinking you could do this with paper and mod podge then a sealer. What drew me to this was the unconventional designs. As they say, dare to be different.

So there ya have it! 5 DIY ways to decorate clear plastic craft ornaments.

DIY Mason Jar Planter Hanger

DIY Mason Jar Planter Hanger

I’ve been eyeing the mason jar planters on Pinterest for awhile now. They’re adorable and they’re perfect for me. They hang on the wall so it’s easy on space. Plus by being high up my kitty can’t get to them. Well, I was near a Home Depot and actually remembered the project. Yay! Although, I hadn’t measured anything so I’d have to eyeball it. Boo! Of course, it would have been a safer  bet to wait, measure, then go back to the store and buy supplies. I didn’t do that. I gambled on my memory (you have no idea how a big a gamble that was). 

These could really be as jazzy or as simple as you want them to be. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I went pretty basic. At the store I bought:

  • 4 – 4″ Adjustable Metal Worm Drive Clamp $1.67 each
  • 35 pc 3/4″ construction screws $1.94
  • 1X6 – 6ft. Common Board $2.96 (I had it cut into 4 – 18″ pieces)

Final Cost: $12.36

I was gonna have to use any supplies I already had at home to jazz it up some. That’s where the rest of my supplies came from. 

I applied some masking tape in a criss cross pattern onto the board. I didn’t measure anything but you certainly could. I’m all about eyeballin’. Plus, to be honest, I was too lazy to go find one of my measuring tapes.

I took the boards outside and spray painted them sun yellow. I used a box to paint in. It wasn’t until after I started painting that I noticed my masking tape wasn’t completely smoothed onto the boards. This definitely meant I was gonna have some bleeding in places but I wasn’t too worried about it because chances are you won’t be able to see it after I add the plants.

I sprayed 3 light coats and then topped it off with a matte clear coat. Let them dry for a little bit then removed the masking tape. I like the look of the natural wood being cut in by the spray painted areas. You can definitely see the bleeding in areas but I was right about them not being seen after the plants are added. It’s perfectly fine plus it doesn’t look terrible anyways. A slight imperfection that adds to it’s character.

Don’t mind my dry hand and ragged nails. You’ll have that when you’re DIYin’
I widened the last hole in the hose clamp using my drill and a screw. It wasn’t hard at all. Took a minute to drill through the metal but after that it was a piece of cake. I made sure I bought screws that wouldn’t be longer than the thickness of the board.

Notice some of the bleeding I had because I didn’t take the time to make sure I smoothed all of my masking tape down before I spray painted.
I put a starter hole down with a hammer and a nail the same size as the screw. Whenever I was widening the screw hole with the drill I had a hard time keeping it steady. The clamp was moving around on me.

I attached the clamp to the board with a screw that I drilled into the hole I widened.

Both clamps attached! One towards the top and one towards the bottom. The board was considerably shorter than I would have liked but then again I wasn’t afraid to have the overhang from the jar on the bottom. There’s no rule on where to hang your jars. Just make sure you mock place them before you attach them so you know you’ll like them. You don’t want to have to position them twice.

I picked these up at Dollar General a few weeks ago for a different project but upon getting to the end of this project I realized that I hadn’t thought of a hanger. These will have to do.

I screwed the hooks into the top of the board. I first thought of one on each side (as pictured). My reasoning was that I could distribute the weight of the project and thus making it easier to hang. I later changed my mind and used one hook in the top center of both boards.

Then I added my jars to the clamps. Getting a tight fit was a little challenging. I was really worried about them being too loose and the jars sliding right out of the clamps the second I turn the project upright. So I kept working on a better way of tightening the metal around the jars. What a mess that would have been if I hadn’t.

Adorable isn’t it?! I LOVE IT!! The jars have river rocks in the very bottom, then a layer of soil and then the plant at the top.  Here I planted Rosemary in the top and the Parsley in the bottom. I was thinking that the plant on the bottom would probably receive the best light because it’s lower in the window. Plus, the Parsley needs a little room because of it’s height.

The rosemary won’t receive as much direct light but I was thinking because it’s a slow grower it was better suited for the top of the board.

I wound up using assembly parts from a curtain rod I no longer have (yes, years ago the pack rat in me saved the assembly parts for no reason). I love it when something you have finally comes in handy. I hung the wood by the hooks from the rod assembly parts that I put at the top of my cabinets.

This is pretty heavy with 2 plants and 2 jars but the way I’ve got them hung up here is really solid. They don’t seem to be loose or compromised at all. And the best part is I’m not making any new holes in the cabinet wood. 

On the other side I only used one jar. It was significantly lighter and in it I put my green garlic that I bought at the Old Trail Farmer’s Market earlier in the morning. It grows just like green onions so they should be fine with indirect light. I grow green onions just fine in my refrigerator which never gets sunlight. These being by a window should do really well. I can’t wait to cook with them. You see, I love everything garlic. I went online to see if I couldn’t get any seeds so I can try growing them myself. As it is, I eat raw green onions all of the time there’s no reason I shouldn’t love these garlicky greens.

So that’s it! Easy, peasy, mason jar planter/garden. Give it a try! And fairly inexpensive too. Home Depot:

  • 2 – 18″ Common Wood Boards $0.74 each
  • 3 Clamps $1.67 each
  • Spray Paint FREE (I already had it)
  • Masking Tape FREE (I already had it)
  • 3 Mason jars FREE (I already had them)
  • 2 Metal Screw Hooks FREE (I already had them)

Well worth the money if you ask me. And honestly, I have enough supplies to make 2 MORE BOARDS! That being said:

  • Final Cost: $6.49 for 4 custom boards (or $1.62 each)

That’s amazing! I may keep working on them. Design wise, I mean. I’m gonna keep looking at them. I think they need more color. What do you think?

Oh! And, I eventually removed the stickers from the clamps =P

On my next set of boards I’ll definitely have a better plan for the method I use to hang these with.

Hanging Bucket Garden Workshop at Graf’s Growers 

Hanging Bucket Garden Workshop at Graf’s Growers 

This was such a neat, quick workshop. It was actually one recommended to my by Facebook of all things. I’ve been to one of the Graf’s Growers workshops before and enjoyed it greatly. Signing up for this one was a no brainer! Unfortunately though, I was 30 minutes late to the class. I don’t know why but I thought the class was at 12:30 when it was actually at noon. But when I got there they were happy to get me up to speed. Such nice and friendly people there, really. I believe it’s the daughter of the owners who taught the workshop. She’s a very knowledgeable young woman. A personable teacher.

Drilling screws in to hang the buckets.

At this point I’d chosen my plants. I wanted to go with shade plants because I intended to hang this on my front door which is covered by a porch. I bought:

  • 2 – 3.5″ pink polka dots $3.99 each
  • 2 – 4″  $4.99 each
  • 1 – 4.6″ impatien $4.79
  • 1 airplant (not pictured) $3.99

Subtotal: $28.55

Workshop (materials and fees): $25.00

Final Cost: $53.55

Seems a little pricey, but, I enjoyed it and I love the finished project.

These were the gardens of some other attendees. I love the flowers they chose. You also had the option to use herbs but apparently everyone had flowery plants in mind. Everyone’s projects turned out great.

This was the sample displayed in the workshop. The yellow and purple look so great together. It looks like they really filled the buckets up with plants but I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe this bucket garden is fairly mature and it’s grown and spread out over time. Looks great, right?!

There she is! My finished garden. Super easy to do. And just from looking at it you can understand the simple construction. Make it at home if you want for way cheaper. But you’ll miss getting to meet new folks and being told how to care for the plants you’ve chosen.

I sort of want to disassemble it and paint it to match the house. If I’m able to find a spray paint that matches the gold on my house then I’ll go ahead and give this beauty an “upgrade”.

Easy DIY Seed Bombs

Easy DIY Seed Bombs

WARNING: I am no expert. I have never done this before.

I saw a video on Facebook a week ago that inspired me to give this a shot. Plus, I currently have close to 15 boxes of flower seeds. I got them at Dollar General on clearance last season. They’re all  expired but I’m not giving up on them just yet. This little project is a way to help me get rid of some of those seeds. Hopefully they’ll still sprout and bloom.

Step 1: Tear whatever paper into small pieces. I used some grocery store inserts and 2 small paper bags.

Step 2: Soak the paper in water. Mine sat for several hours.

Step 3: Using a hand mixer, mix up the paper until it’s pulpy. (I neglected to photograph this part.) You could also use a blender. I’ve never tried it that way because I felt the clean up would be a pain but it does work according to other folks.

Step 4: Using your hands and a strainer, press out as much water as you can then add some seeds and mix it all up. I used SHADE MIX seeds from American Mix. The places I plan to bomb aren’t exactly sunlight filled. By using a shade mix hopefully something will take root and bloom for me.

Step 5: Press the mixture into the silicone mold and leave out to dry. Alternatively you could use cookie cutters to create shapes or just form small round balls.

Step 6: Once dry (drying time will vary for each person), pop them out of the silicone molds and go do some Guerilla Gardening!

They don’t really look like hearts, do they? Oh well. Doesn’t really matter what shape they’re in. So long as they bloom later. As you can see, one of them sort of crumbled. That one felt slightly wet still so I think that had something to do with why it fell apart when I removed it from the silicone mold.

I’m so excited! I feel like such a do-gooder. I’m really hoping to spruce up the neighborhood vacant lots this summer. Fingers crosssed!

Beginning Crocheting

Beginning Crocheting

My friends threw me a surprise birthday party. One of the gifts I received was this awesome quilters bag. Complete with yarn, needles and a book of projects. I got it from my friend Vicki. We’ve been talking about her teaching me to crochet for some time now. 


Awhile ago I bought this faux leather pencil case off of Amazon for no good reason. It’s not as if I ever have a pen with me. I honestly don’t know why I bought it but now it has a purpose. I’m going to keep my needles in it. 


A pencil case that I am just now realizing says “twilight”. 

I used to crotchet but I didn’t keep practicing it and now I’ve forgotten it. But this excellent gift has rekindled a fire in me. I picture myself sitting on my porch during the summer. 


Thumbing through this book of projects. Crocheting the day away. 
It’s not likely but a girl can dream. Anyway, getting started is the first step! I decided it’s probably easier to watch a video on it rather than trying to read it to learn it. Found THIS video on YouTube. Made it really easy to get started. 

But after one hour this is all I’ve got done, please God let there be bigger, faster stitches out there. I’m beginning to remember why I stopped crocheting in the first place. Long term projects and I don’t really do well. NEXT!!

Back to youtube. The woman in the first video mentioned something about a double crochet so I looked that up and came across THIS video. 

  A couple episodes Game of Thrones later and I’ve made some progress. It’s definitely not the prettiest but I’m getting the hang of it. The double crochet at least. I think I need to find out how to make my rows line up at the edges. 
Got any tips for a beginner like me? I’d love to hear them. 



For my birthday my mom purchased me a tangle lesson from a friend of ours. I had never heard of it ever until she mentioned it. I googled it and knew instantly that I was gonna love it. 

So, I was taught by a friend of mine, Judith Montgomery. She spent the entire afternoon with me. Giving me a private lesson on zentangle and… Avocados. She began by explaining some of the history of tangling and how it came to be. Told me about her journey with tangling. Showed me some of her projects. Explained how she organizers her tangling and basically everything she needed to say to get me TOTALLY HOOKED! Even better, my zentangle lesson came with a kit. 


I walked away from that lesson with one tile under my belt and inspired. 


On my own, I began looking up new patterns and developing my own style of tangle. 


And as much as I loved it, I didn’t really keep up with it. I didn’t practice on a regular basis and I kind of drifted away from it for a while. Until just recently when my local library offered a free zentangle class. I registered and attended. It only lasted an hour long. The instructor, Carol Bailey Floyd, had picked out 4 patterns that she was going to use in today’s lesson. Crescent Moon, Tipple, Mist and Florz.  

We all started out with the same string  we were all taught the same patterns.


I’d say we did pretty darn good. And we even got to take home our kits. 


The zentangle bug has bit me again! Time for me to create some new tiles. 

AND! I definitely need to keep register for the upcoming free courses and events offered at the Highland Square library. 

Adult Programs

  • Floral Container Gardening 101 Thursday, June 12 or June 18 6:30-7:30p
  • Fun With Herbs Tuesday, June 15 6:30-7:30p
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Your Health Tuesday, July 21 6:30-7:30p
  • Flower Arranging Saturday, July 25 10:30-11:39a or 1-2p
  • Qigong Thursday, August 13 6:30-7:30p

There a bunch of other programs for adults, teens and kids. You can find those HERE

Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms

This one of my favorite times of year. Living where I do, I have the added benefit of seeing beautiful flowers every morning. 

The area around my house is landscaped with all sorts of pretty flowers. I try not to cut them but every once in awhile I succumb. 

How could I not when I have this sort of beauty every way I turn. I’m one lucky girl! Right now it’s mostly about the irises. There’s several varieties of those around. 







There’s other stuff too. Pops of color sprinkled throughout. 


Even the weeds are pretty. 




For greenery – sorry to say but there’s very little grass. However there’s ferns and variegated hosta plants.



It won’t last forever so I spend a minute or 5 admiring the scenery every day until summer comes and the scenery changes. 

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