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Pinterest NAILED IT! Or Failed It | Quick Cilantro Lime Chicken

Pinterest NAILED IT! Or Failed It | Quick Cilantro Lime Chicken

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This recipe for Quick Cilantro Lime Chicken popped up in my PINTEREST feed awhile back. As amazing as it looks, it took me the better part of 2 months to even get around to making it. Seriously, doesn’t this look scrumptious?!

The ingredients are all flavors that I like and it wasn’t gonna break the bank to cook this. Besides, I had all of the ingredients on-hand. The only 3 substitutions I made were:

  1. Using chicken THIGHS instead of chicken breasts.
  2. Changing the ingredient amounts to something suitable for a meal for 1 person.
  3. I’m sensitive to citrus flavors so I only used 1 lime.

It was actually very easy to do. I was doing great chopping everything up. Assembling the ingredients and so forth. But then I started getting worried while I was cooking up the chicken. There seemed to be a lot browning happening on the bottom of the pan (however, if I had read the directions all of the way through I would have seen that this is SUPPOSED to happen).

Cilantro Lime Chicken


I was sure I was over cooking it and gonna burn it but I didn’t. I wound up doing just fine… mostly. I added my lime juice as instructed and things cleaned up quite a bit. *smile* Once all done I plated it up and took a couple pics. Looks awesome, right? Looks pretty much the same way the original photo from the recipe source looks (goodness knows that almost never happens). I couldn’t wait to bite into it.

Well…. I took my first bite and I gotta admit that I was kinda disappointed. It mostly tasted like lime juice and nothing else. BUMMER! Even though I only used the juice of 1 lime. The pieces that didn’t taste like a wedge of lime were bland. Hmmmm…. I’m convinced I must’ve done something wrong. The meal was still edible for sure. The chicken and avocado were plenty filling for me. I’m gonna try this recipe again.

For now, I can’t say that this recipe was successful. I still think it’s worth another try. And when I do make this again I’ll be sure to update this post accordingly. However for today, this recipe for quick cilantro lime chicken:


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31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 7

31 Days of Christmas! 🎄 | Day 7

What’s Christmastime without crafting? I picked up these clear ornament balls at Dollar Tree. I could have bought some stickers and so on to decorate them with but I wasn’t interested in taking any shortcuts (or spending more money). I know I’ve said this probably 100 times before but I’ve just bought a car 2.5 months ago and funds are tight! Gotta make due the best I can, ya know. Which isn’t hard for me being the master couponer/deal finder/shopper that I am. Yes. I just totally tooted my own horn. lol

Now, when I saw these I had a plethora of ideas and of course I wanted to consult Pinterest (you can see all those results HERE). Truth is, looking at all those ideas might be overwhelming for some but it wasn’t for me as I was trying to find ideas that worked with things I already have. Goodness knows I have enough craft supplies to keep 10 people busy for a month (I don’t know what that means but it felt right, hahaha). There’s really no need for me to buy more supplies.

Part of my hesitance to get started was figuring out if I wanted these ornaments to be keepers or throw-aways. Hmmm…. decisions, decisions. Well, while I’m deciding have a look at some of these fun ideas I found for clear ornaments on Pinterest.

Dip Mix Ornaments from Sprinkle Some Fun

Photo credit to Bubbly Nature Creations

Don’t these look adorable?! I love the idea however the blogger does mention that the ornaments she used WERE NOT labeled as appropriate for food use. She’s been using them since 2013 and apparently hasn’t had any problems but if that bothers you then be sure to find bulbs that as labeled as food safe. This idea could work for many things: Candy, m&ms, hot cocoa, dry rubs and so on.

DIY Monogram Ornaments by Pizzazzerie

DIY Glittered Monogram Ornaments made with the Silhouette Portrait
Photo credit to Pizzazzerie

You had me at Glitter. Don’t these look high end to you? I especially like that they’re monogrammed so you can make everyone feel special.

Nail Polish Ornaments by the Nail Network

photo credit to the Nail Network

If you’re using that cheapie drugstore polish then this is totally affordable. From what I could gather, she got around 5 balls from each bottle of nail polish – depending on the kind you use. It’s explained in the blog that the thicker the polish you use the hard it is to coat the inside of the ball.

DIY Bath Salt Ornament by My Coupon Expert


I am in love with this idea and I know exactly who to make it for. I’ve been taking Epsom salt baths for a little while now. Ever since I upped my workout schedule I find that I have sore muscles more often and the Epsom salt bath is supposed to relieve that and help pull out toxins. It definitely works in my experience. Adding high quality essential oils only makes this better.

DIY Ornaments by Tattly


I’m totally digging this but to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I saw those temporary tattoos anywhere. That could just be because I don’t have children and am NEVER even thinking about them let alone looking for them. BUT! If you know where to find some (an you can buy them on the Tattly website for $5) this is a fun idea. Although, truthfully I’m thinking you could do this with paper and mod podge then a sealer. What drew me to this was the unconventional designs. As they say, dare to be different.

So there ya have it! 5 DIY ways to decorate clear plastic craft ornaments.

Pinterest Failed it or NAILED IT! | Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger Recipe

Pinterest Failed it or NAILED IT! | Oklahoma Fried Onion Burger Recipe

This the first time I’ve ever used butter on a burger. The recipe tells you to slice your onions thin and then leach them with a little bit of salt. After thirty minutes you wring the water out of them to help them brown faster. Then you melt 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter in the pan. While that’s melting you break up the beef into 4″ balls. Then you place your nest of onions onto a surface (cutting board, whatever) and place a meat ball on top. Press it down with your palm. Transfer your onion/beef patties to the pan and cook!


Oh man was this delicious! I really wish I’d had the pickles to go on this burger. I bet that would’ve really sent it over the top for me. If you’d like to try the recipe you can find it HERE. And if you try it, lemme know what you think. I can’t wait to make these again but let’s face it. There’s nothing healthy going on here which means I can only have it every now and again. =)

My photos really didn’t do it justice. I cooked the burgers perfectly. They were flavorful and juicy and just YUM!

Mmmmm…. Looking at this picture I can taste it all over again. I think it’s obvious how I feel but in case you couldn’t tell – THIS RECIPE NAILED IT!

Pinterest NAILED IT! Or Failed It | Crockpot Vietnamese Pho Soup

Pinterest NAILED IT! Or Failed It | Crockpot Vietnamese Pho Soup

I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do this post for a “Pinterest NAILED IT! or Failed It” because I changed up this recipe quite a bit. I wasn’t sure it’d be fair to review it when I didn’t follow the instructions closely as I should have but since it’s a POSITIVE review I figured it’d be ok.

To begin with, I left out the anise and fish sauce, not because I have some kind of aversion to them but because I totally forgot about them. I even had the recipe with me in the store. I must’ve checked it 10 times and still somehow managed to forget to buy 2 ingredients. Sigh…. Oh well. By the time I realized it I was home and putting it together. Decided not to leave again. Just to work with what I had and substitute what I could.

This was my first time working with Bok Choy. It’s a really lovely looking vegetable. I always glance at it when I’m at the grocery. And I’m pretty sure I’ve tasted it before at a Chinese restaurant, whether I knew I was eating it or not.

The recipe called for 1 cinnamon stick. I substituted a shake of ground cinnamon. I didn’t use beef meat or beef stock. Instead I used chicken that I sliced up and chicken stock. And finally, I didn’t not have fish sauce but I read somewhere I could substitute worcestshire or light soy. I used worcestshire.

This soup was really tasty!! I enjoyed it a lot and the recipe makes A TON! I wound up eating it for dinner two days and taking it for lunch two days.

In the reviews some people stated that the noodles got weird for them but I didn’t have that problem at all. In fact, the last bowl of soup I had was 2 days later and everything was just as good as the day I cooked it. I would definitely recommend you give this soup a try if it appeals to you.



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Pinterest FAILED IT or NAILED IT | Cuban Picadillo by Skinny Taste

Pinterest FAILED IT or NAILED IT | Cuban Picadillo by Skinny Taste

Picadillo. I had never heard of it until the year before last. It’s a ground beef dish. The blogger describes it… “Picadillo, a flavorful Cuban dish made with ground beef and a sauce made from simmering tomatoes, green olives, bell peppers, cumin, and spices is one of my family’s favorite weeknight meals.”

The first time I tried a Crockpot Picadillo recipe (also by Skinny Taste). It was so good. It made a ton and I loved every bite of it. I thought I would make it again soon but I didn’t. In fact, this is only the third time I’ve made it. Difference is that this time I made it on the stove top. 

The recipe includes onion, tomato paste, cumin, capers and garlic amongst other things. Sounds delicious right? Well, it was very tasty. Of the two recipes it’s my opinion that the crockpot version is best. The flavor was deeper in the crockpot version in my opinion.  However BOTH were yummy. I give this recipe a thumbs up! NAILED IT!

This time around I ate it stuffed in a red pepper shell. Last time I ate it over rice. You could also eat it in a lettuce leaf. 

Let’s see… Things I did different:

  1. I didn’t have tomato paste so I used a thick pasta sauce. 
  2. I used 2 bay leaves. 
  3. I used only 1 pound of ground beef. 
  4. I used capers instead of olives. 

Even with all those changes I really enjoyed this recipe for Cuban Picadillo. Give it a try! 

PINTEREST NAILED IT! or Failed It! | Skinny Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwiches

PINTEREST NAILED IT! or Failed It! | Skinny Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwiches

I couldn’t decide whether or not it’s actually fair for me to review this recipe or not seeing as I did not follow the recipe to the “T”. But then again, it’s never bothered me before. 

I got this recipe from Pinterest when I was looking up avocado recipes. It’s Creme de la Crums’ Skinny Chicken Avocado Salad Sandwich

I mean, just look at that.  I didn’t actually have the sandwich with tomato because I didn’t have any. And I almost forgot to add my lettuce. 
All of the ingredients are pretty standard. In fact, you probably have most of the ingredients already. 

I needed to go buy hoagie buns and lettuce. I didn’t have chicken breasts but j made chicken drumsticks in the crockpot and pulled off the meat when I got home. Used that for the chicken breasts. And lastly, I used spicy brown mustard in place of Honey Dijon. 

Instructions were super easy. First you mix up the sauce and then you add your chicken, onion and celery. You pretty much dump everything in one bowl and mix. 

I completely forgot to add lettuce!!! No worries. I’d only taken one bite by the time I had remembered. 

Verdict: Yum! This was packed with flavor. I can’t wait to make this for my honey. He would love it! I would definitely make this again. It does serve 4 people. Give it a try! The switch from chicken breast to drumstick meat is fine. I loved it all the same. 

So the following day I had it for lunch. I was worried with the avocado in it but it worked just fine. The avocado chunks did brown a bit but they tasted just fine. It is absolutely edible the day free. Or if you want, separate your servings and use avocado as you eat it. 

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My Week In Pictures 5/1 – 5/7

My Week In Pictures 5/1 – 5/7

Once a year the tree outside of my office blooms and it’s so pretty. I just want to sit outside and stare at it for hours. I don’t know what kind of tree it is but I wish it stayed flowery for longer than it does. Lasts for about 2 weeks or more I think. Isn’t it gorgeous? There doesn’t seem to be any fragrance to the flowers but that’s okay. 

I don’t eat pasta often anymore but when I do I only eat my homemade no cook pasta sauce on it. Although I certainly understand if “ain’t nobody got time for that”. But if you do, I encourage you to try this recipe. It’s fresh. It’s healthy. It’s inexpensive and tastes nothing like the jar stuff. You can get the recipe and my review HERE. I think my favorite thing about this is the chunkiness. It’s more like a salsa than a sauce IMO. Either way, it’s delicious. And you can make it to your own liking. I tend to go heavy on the garlic and I always use my fresh herbs.

I’ve been working on my DIY planter made from irregular wood (thanks Home Deopt). This is what I finally came u with. Nothing like the original design I got from Ana White. Her $10 Cedar Tiered Flower Planter. But that’s okay. It made me get creative and use my own mind. The result is something that I’m proud to display outside my home. I still need to finish painting it (hopefully this weekend). Then seal it and finally plant some stuff! I’ll try to remember to post pics as the project progresses. 

I was on a walk and I saw this old abandoned house. I bet it was a beaut back in its hay day. Now it’s all delapidated and crumbling. I know it’s not a living this but I felt kinda bad for the house that no one took care of it. Anywho, I snapped this picture of that old rickety house… Just because. It spoke to me, I guess. 

Once again, avocados are on sale at Aldi 49¢ each. I’m loving it. I’ve been eating my weight in avocados. In fact, last week I did a short post on some interesting stuff you may not know about avocados. You can read that blog post HERE. But what I was really getting at was that I’ve had this zesty lime shrimp avocado salad at least once a week for the past 4 weeks. I love it! Try it out sometime. You can get the recipe HERE. It’s a pretty versatile recipe. For instance, I didn’t have red onion so I used green onion and green garlic. Tasted great!

I made my first essential oil blend. I’m calling it my “uplifting cleanser”. It smells so great! Fresh and citrusy. I used lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, castor oil and sesame oil. I took a bottle in to work and left the other one at home. I find myself using or sniffing it several times a day. I’m dying to make more but how many oils does a girl need? The answer is AS MANY AS SHE WANTS! 

Saturday I helped raise another community garden. This one at Balch Street (behind Krispy Kreme). The weather was perfect for it. Not many locals showed up but several regulars came and pitched in. The people at Krispy Kreme saw us out there working hard at 10am. They came over and brought us donuts. So kind! Next up is my community garden on woodland. Our soul has been delivered. I secured a wheel barrel and shovels for us. I intend to have our mulch spread by the end of next week so long as I get enough help. FINGERS CROSSED! Because I really don’t want to get stuck doing it alone. That would suck. 

Still on my essential oils kit I stopped into giant eagle and I went and found a bottle of grape seed oil. This is the third place I’ve been to buy it. The problem is that every time I went to buy the grapeseed oil I would forget whether or not I need it expelled or coldpressed or whatever. This time I finally got lucky and the nice people who produced is grapeseed oil actually list on the label that it is suitable for body care. THANK GOODNESS! No. I didn’t use a coupon but I didn’t care because at this point I probably wasted that much money in gas. It cost me $7.99 and it’s a pretty big bottle so that should last me quite a while. The reason I wanted it so bad is because it had been described to me as a dry oil. One that is optimal for putting on your skin and not being worried about really anything your clothing. I also read that it was very light which was a characteristic that I was looking for in oils that I intend to use with my new essential oil blends. 

I tried it out as soon as I got home and I loved it! It’s exactly how they described it. I would compare it to the Neutrogena dry missed oils. Kind of feel like it has talcum powder in it or something even though it doesn’t. It dries pretty quickly. It doesn’t have a strong aroma. It’s thin, lightweight and glides on easily – nothing at all like castor oil which is more like putting honey all over yourself. It’s everything I’ve been looking for in a carrier oil. The next oil that I am tend to look into is sunflower oil but I think I’ll wait until I’m at least halfway done with this bottle.

My local library had a book sale and of course I had to go check it out. They were selling hardcovers for $.50 and soft bags for $.25. I walked out of there with seven books (five of which were cookbooks) for $2.xx. BIG SPENDER!

My friend Bill thinks of himself as a whiskey connoisseur. Not only that but he loves to read as well. I lucked out and found that book on single malts and whiskeys. I think he’ll really enjoy this book. It will be a nice surprise for him. Maybe he’ll even learned a thing or two.

So did I tell y’all I’m cheap? Yep! I’m really cheap. I’m poor too but mostly in cheap. But of course there’s 1 million things I want to get done around the house and projects that I want to begin. One of which is revamping my home container garden. I was looking around on Pinterest and I came across several images of something they call “cinderblock gardens”. I googled the average price for a cinder block and saw that it was around  $1.50 each! SO CHEAP. Right then and there I was sold on this idea so now I guess I’ll be figuring out how to do that but I’ve been doing some research on different layouts and you’d be surprised how great these can look! You could make them look industrial, they can look modern, they can be colorful and fun, they can be artistic, they can be painted with patterns – there’s a slew of ideas out there! And in fact, I intend to do a post on the different kinds of ideas that I found which I thought were pretty neat. Maybe you guys will get some ideas out of it as well. Be on the lookout for that post.

shhhh… the chicken is resting lol
I saw this video on fried chicken made in the oven. Decided to give it a try. I mean, he made it look so easy! There’s no way I was going to mess this up right? There’s like 200 ingredients in this recipe. Should be super flavorful then. 

WRONG! I did something wrong. I’m assuming I didn’t let the chicken rest long enough because the seasoned flour was still there after 50 minutes! I tried turning the chicken but that too went south. Each piece was stuck to the foil something fierce! It wound up just peeling off the chicken. 

The chicken meat itself was fine. I even was able to find a few pieces of the breading to try. And you know what I think? When you use like seven or eight herbs and spices in a recipe it better damn well have some flavor. This recipe did not unfortunately. I felt like it was really bland but it could be adjusted I’m sure.

In any case this recipe was a complete disaster for me. I will not be trying that again but don’t let that stop you from trying it! You can watch the video and get the recipe HERE

DIY Mason Jar Planter Hanger

DIY Mason Jar Planter Hanger

I’ve been eyeing the mason jar planters on Pinterest for awhile now. They’re adorable and they’re perfect for me. They hang on the wall so it’s easy on space. Plus by being high up my kitty can’t get to them. Well, I was near a Home Depot and actually remembered the project. Yay! Although, I hadn’t measured anything so I’d have to eyeball it. Boo! Of course, it would have been a safer  bet to wait, measure, then go back to the store and buy supplies. I didn’t do that. I gambled on my memory (you have no idea how a big a gamble that was). 

These could really be as jazzy or as simple as you want them to be. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money so I went pretty basic. At the store I bought:

  • 4 – 4″ Adjustable Metal Worm Drive Clamp $1.67 each
  • 35 pc 3/4″ construction screws $1.94
  • 1X6 – 6ft. Common Board $2.96 (I had it cut into 4 – 18″ pieces)

Final Cost: $12.36

I was gonna have to use any supplies I already had at home to jazz it up some. That’s where the rest of my supplies came from. 

I applied some masking tape in a criss cross pattern onto the board. I didn’t measure anything but you certainly could. I’m all about eyeballin’. Plus, to be honest, I was too lazy to go find one of my measuring tapes.

I took the boards outside and spray painted them sun yellow. I used a box to paint in. It wasn’t until after I started painting that I noticed my masking tape wasn’t completely smoothed onto the boards. This definitely meant I was gonna have some bleeding in places but I wasn’t too worried about it because chances are you won’t be able to see it after I add the plants.

I sprayed 3 light coats and then topped it off with a matte clear coat. Let them dry for a little bit then removed the masking tape. I like the look of the natural wood being cut in by the spray painted areas. You can definitely see the bleeding in areas but I was right about them not being seen after the plants are added. It’s perfectly fine plus it doesn’t look terrible anyways. A slight imperfection that adds to it’s character.

Don’t mind my dry hand and ragged nails. You’ll have that when you’re DIYin’
I widened the last hole in the hose clamp using my drill and a screw. It wasn’t hard at all. Took a minute to drill through the metal but after that it was a piece of cake. I made sure I bought screws that wouldn’t be longer than the thickness of the board.

Notice some of the bleeding I had because I didn’t take the time to make sure I smoothed all of my masking tape down before I spray painted.
I put a starter hole down with a hammer and a nail the same size as the screw. Whenever I was widening the screw hole with the drill I had a hard time keeping it steady. The clamp was moving around on me.

I attached the clamp to the board with a screw that I drilled into the hole I widened.

Both clamps attached! One towards the top and one towards the bottom. The board was considerably shorter than I would have liked but then again I wasn’t afraid to have the overhang from the jar on the bottom. There’s no rule on where to hang your jars. Just make sure you mock place them before you attach them so you know you’ll like them. You don’t want to have to position them twice.

I picked these up at Dollar General a few weeks ago for a different project but upon getting to the end of this project I realized that I hadn’t thought of a hanger. These will have to do.

I screwed the hooks into the top of the board. I first thought of one on each side (as pictured). My reasoning was that I could distribute the weight of the project and thus making it easier to hang. I later changed my mind and used one hook in the top center of both boards.

Then I added my jars to the clamps. Getting a tight fit was a little challenging. I was really worried about them being too loose and the jars sliding right out of the clamps the second I turn the project upright. So I kept working on a better way of tightening the metal around the jars. What a mess that would have been if I hadn’t.

Adorable isn’t it?! I LOVE IT!! The jars have river rocks in the very bottom, then a layer of soil and then the plant at the top.  Here I planted Rosemary in the top and the Parsley in the bottom. I was thinking that the plant on the bottom would probably receive the best light because it’s lower in the window. Plus, the Parsley needs a little room because of it’s height.

The rosemary won’t receive as much direct light but I was thinking because it’s a slow grower it was better suited for the top of the board.

I wound up using assembly parts from a curtain rod I no longer have (yes, years ago the pack rat in me saved the assembly parts for no reason). I love it when something you have finally comes in handy. I hung the wood by the hooks from the rod assembly parts that I put at the top of my cabinets.

This is pretty heavy with 2 plants and 2 jars but the way I’ve got them hung up here is really solid. They don’t seem to be loose or compromised at all. And the best part is I’m not making any new holes in the cabinet wood. 

On the other side I only used one jar. It was significantly lighter and in it I put my green garlic that I bought at the Old Trail Farmer’s Market earlier in the morning. It grows just like green onions so they should be fine with indirect light. I grow green onions just fine in my refrigerator which never gets sunlight. These being by a window should do really well. I can’t wait to cook with them. You see, I love everything garlic. I went online to see if I couldn’t get any seeds so I can try growing them myself. As it is, I eat raw green onions all of the time there’s no reason I shouldn’t love these garlicky greens.

So that’s it! Easy, peasy, mason jar planter/garden. Give it a try! And fairly inexpensive too. Home Depot:

  • 2 – 18″ Common Wood Boards $0.74 each
  • 3 Clamps $1.67 each
  • Spray Paint FREE (I already had it)
  • Masking Tape FREE (I already had it)
  • 3 Mason jars FREE (I already had them)
  • 2 Metal Screw Hooks FREE (I already had them)

Well worth the money if you ask me. And honestly, I have enough supplies to make 2 MORE BOARDS! That being said:

  • Final Cost: $6.49 for 4 custom boards (or $1.62 each)

That’s amazing! I may keep working on them. Design wise, I mean. I’m gonna keep looking at them. I think they need more color. What do you think?

Oh! And, I eventually removed the stickers from the clamps =P

On my next set of boards I’ll definitely have a better plan for the method I use to hang these with.

PINTEREST NAILED IT! or Failed It! | Easy Crochet Braids

PINTEREST NAILED IT! or Failed It! | Easy Crochet Braids

Thanks to insomnia and YouTube on Saturday night I spontaneously decided that in the morning I was going to wake up and put some hair in my head. I saw THIS video that I pinned. Her hair had a really loose curl pattern that I thought would look good on me. And her explanation seemed very simple & easy to do.

Over the past few months I must have watched about 40 to 50 videos featuring how to do crochet braids. Apparently this process has been around since the early 90s. I had no idea about this process until about maybe six months ago. I don’t know where I’ve been for the last couple of decades but I finally caught up and I guess this hairstyle is now starting to come back around. That is how out of touch I am with current hairstyles. I didn’t have my finger on the pulse then and I don’t have it on the pulse now but I’m catching up!

For whatever reason last night I finally decided that this was something that I could try and probably have some success at. I felt familiar with the process because of how many videos I had watched so far. That would be a huge accomplishment because I am not a hair person. These days I wake up in the morning, wash my hair. That’s it.

But I also feel like it’s been an incredibly long time since I’ve done anything different to my hair. It’s not that I’m unhappy with it, I’m just ready for a change. The greatest part about this style is that it’s called a protective style. They call it that because you don’t actually do anything to harm your hair. In fact your natural hair is beneath the artificial hair thereby being protected. The process is fairly easy and it lasts for a while. Also, years ago I decided that I was never going to put a relaxer in my hair again. I must have the most sensitive scalp because I always ended up with the scalp full of scabs. It was painful and it took them forever to heal. Plus the cost of getting your hair processed like that on a semi regular basis which for me was every 4 to 6 weeks because of the texture of my hair being so coarse. I couldn’t afford the maintenance let alone the process so it was an easy decision to make and I never regretted it.

Like I said, the past few months I have been pinning tutorials and instructions and tips and tricks on crochet braids to my Pinterest account.  I went back to those and started there. The final one that I watched is the one that finally got me to go ahead with this hair project. From the videos that I’ve watched and some of the blogs that I’ve read it’s my understanding that this process from start to finish for the people who have done this countless times is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours which to me means that since this is my first time doing this and it includes doing braiding which I haven’t done in years I’m guessing that my times going to be quite longer than that. I’m going to be happy if I get this done within eight hours. I’m just figuring conservatively although it would be awesome if I could get this done in 4 to 6 hours. That would absolutely solidify the fact that I would do this hairstyle again if I could do that.

I forgot to look and see what people have done to prepare their hair for the installation. I decided to just use the few products that I already had on hand. So I prepared my hair by washing it thoroughly  and then I conditioned it and then I added some of my argon oil and then combed it out real good. 

From there I had to do French braids in my hair. Initially I had planned on doing these intricate designs that help you know how the hair will lay and the way the hair falls. However, as I started on that first braid I was having complications already so I decided that doing cornrows straight back was my best option until I get a better handle on how to do this. That means just doing the installation process a number of times to get a good rhythm going and get my fingers strong enough because after doing just one braid down the side of my head, my arms were tired and my fingers were all tired.

The process of braiding my hair from start to finish took 1 hour and 15 minutes. I feel like I did the best job I could have. For now I’m just going to go ahead with this option and work from there.

My next step was to go and buy some hair. In fact it was so spontaneous that I first went to Sally Beauty Supply which does not sell hair that is not on a track or a clip. I wound up driving to another local beauty supply store and when I walked in I was absolutely floored. I had no idea how many types of hair there were. This place was covered in hair from ceiling to floor. Those of you who have been into a beauty supply store know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s a sight to behold for the first time. 

I really didn’t spend much time doing my shopping for my hair to be honest. I had intended to go and buy exactly what the young lady in the video, who’s hair I was going to try to re-create, had purchased but they didn’t have that. They have that brand but they didn’t have that style or type in the hair so I had to get something else. I wound up with this Sweetie Marley Braid fiber hair. And the reason I got this one is because it’s the Marley Afro braid style. It’s kind of a gradient color, it goes from T1b/30 so it’s dark at the top and then it gets brown towards the bottom. I wound up buying six packs of cold wave rods. They were $1.49 apiece and I didn’t know what size to get so I got I just picked anything. I didn’t really have any method to my madness. I picked up a hair beading accessory kit not for the hair beads but for the hair needle because I think with its flexibility it might be better to use on my hair which is pretty short. I feel like the hair beader is smaller and more flexible and might be better for my type of hair. And lastly I grabbed a tube of eyelash glue because two years ago for my Christmas party at work when I hadn’t been doing much of anything I decided I was going to look all glamorous. So I bought these eyelashes and then but I never had glue so I never used them. It was an impulse buy, and I went ahead and picked it up so that at some point maybe this holiday season and I’ll get some use out of these eyelashes that I bought two years ago.

I decided I wanted to start at the back and work my way up to the front so I open up my first pack and I cut it in half at the halfway mark just like the lady in the video says that she does. I began attaching the hair to my braids. The motion of it got easier and easier as I went along. You kind of develop a rhythm.

Here I’ve got half of my head done and I am loving what I’m seeing so far. The hair installation process is much easier on my hands than the hair braiding process so even though this is a longer process it’s the easiest step in my opinion. Halfway through I decided that combing the hair out the way it was described in all the videos that I saw wasn’t working for me. I actually preferred it with the hair in the same original curl pattern that it came in the package with so I stopped combing it out. The only section that was brushed out is the two back rows.

5 1/2 hours later… Ahhh!!! I got me some big hair! But I love it!!! 5 1/2 hours is a long time to be doing your hair. I got caught up on my Hulu shows while I did it. Time just kinda flew by. The 5 1/2 hours plus $25 for the materials is well worth it in my opinion. I am so pleased with the results. I am definitely doing this again and I can’t wait to try out new styles and new colors and so forth.

However I did feel like the hair needed some type to trim or shaping done. The problem is I don’t know how to do that. So I grabbed my scissors and slowly cut the ends of the hair trying to give it a shape. Cutting very short pieces at a time. I can’t see the back so I’m probably just going to ask a friend to trim that up for me and then I’ll be ready to go. But after playing with it for a while I found that I am going to love this style. What do you think?

I know I’ve already said it once before but I’m going to say it again I love this hairstyle! I guess for me it really sets in when you see the transformation side by side.   

Overall, one of the things that I would do differently is to match a color that is closer to the color of my natural hair. When I tried to do the invisible part it still didn’t blend in very well. I bought it in the store and it looked so much darker in there but when I brought it home it was clearly not close to the color of my hair.  I had thought that once I finish the installation you probably wouldn’t even be able to see my natural hair so I didn’t bother taking it back to return it and try to find something closer. 

Another change that I would make is to add some sort of moisturizing or smoothing product to the artificial hair because in the end result I felt like my ends looked really frizzy but I think if I applied some sort of product to it, it wouldn’t look so ragged. I would much rather prefer a cleaner look. But again this is my first time doing this and the whole process is trial and error for everyone because it’s going to be different for everyone so…

If you haven’t figured out by now I give this Pinterest two thumbs up! That video  totally nailed it. Although I almost feel like I can’t give that tutorial full credit because I have watched many, many of them over the months but this was the one that inspired me to go ahead and give it a try. I liked the end result of her hair after she had perm rodded it even though I never actually went that far with mine as of yet.

How do I plan to take care of it? Well, I’m sort of winging it. At the moment I only have one product to use. I have hair oil which I have always used on my hair on a daily basis. I applied a little oil to my hands and smooth down any fly always.

After 6 days my head was already itching like crazy so I went and bought braid spray that I’ve been using daily ever since. It seems to be helping and I wish someone had told me to use this from the very beginning. It’s very lightweight and it doesn’t smell weird. I spray it on my braids every morning and then lightly spray the weave. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of build up so this stuff is a keeper. At this rate I think I’ll go through about 1 bottle a month which is no big deal since it only costs $4.99. I’m thinking of going back to the beauty supply store where they also had a similar product but travel size and it was pomegranate scented for $5.99. I think it’d be nice to carry for a quick refresher.

I tie my hair up at night with a silk scarf to prevent any frizzing or tangling during sleep. In the morning I wear a shower cap when I shower. Shaking it out a bit when I take off my scarf is all it needs. I had my girlfriend who is a hairdresser trim the ends for me. In the mornings I trim anything that’s outta place or hanging too low.

Pinterest Failed It or Nailed It | DIY Noodle Bowls

Pinterest Failed It or Nailed It | DIY Noodle Bowls

I tried my hand at making DIY Noodle Bowls. Like everything else I’ve done, I got the idea from Pinterest. 

I made 3 bowls total. 

  1. I put bouillon in the bottom and smash it around a little so it dissolved better when I added the water. 
  2. I added a shake or two of dried rosemary. 
  3. Add Cooked spaghetti and I pushed it down. It’s okay if it sticks because it’ll separate when you add water. 
  4. I added a few slices of thin red onion. I meant to use scallions instead but I forgot. 
  5. Added about 1/2 cup chicken. 
  6. Added about 1/2 cup spinach.

When it was lunch time I forgot to leave my jar out to get room temp. I microwaved water to boiling point then poured it into the jar. I shook it up a little and left it sitting for a couple minutes. 

I gotta say, this was so good! It was a tad salty so from here on out I’ll only use 1/2 a cube per jar. 

The onions didn’t soften up as much as I would’ve liked but still crunchy was ok with me. 

This recipe nailed it. I can’t wait to try other variations. I’m thinking of incorporating 

  • carrots
  • cabbage
  • bean sprouts
  • scallions
  • mushrooms
  • celery
  • Sriracha
  • Hard-boiled egg
  • Dill
  • Olives
  • Shrimp 
  • Rice noodles
  • Fresh diced tomato

These would be great for lunch or dinner. And the best part is that they’re make-ahead so you can do a batch and get 3-4 meals at once depending on how much you make.

I ate the first bowl immediately. It was way salty. One cube was far too much for 1 jar. I wound up pouring some of it out and adding more hot water. The noodles were good. The soup base was good but it could be better.

I ate the second bowl the following day for lunch. Once again very yummy and no issues with the texture of the noodles. I added some ground black pepper. 

And the third and final bowl was my lunch for the second day. I added a shake of Rosemary to this one. Excellent addition.


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