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Lemme start by saying I stopped at Aldi so I could buy some more provolone cheese to try out this Stuffed Asparagus Chicken. As you can see… I didn’t do very well. For somebody only needing one thing I sure did leave with a lot of stuff! Anyway, here goes:

  • 3 Sliced Cheese $1.99 each
  • Eggs $0.69
  • Light Brown Sugar $1.29
  • Honey Wheat Bread $1.39
  • Wicked Grove Cider $6.49
  • Dried Cranberries $1.59
  • Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies $1.79

  • 2 9″ Graham Cracker Pie Crusts $1.19 each
  • Pure Canola Oil $1.85
  • Cranberry Apple Juice Cocktail $1.79
  • Chocolate Syrup $1.49 (I thought this was chocolate SHELL. I’ve already thrown it out.)

  • Canola Spray $1.49
  • Fusia Sauces $1.49 each (these are new to my store – can’t wait to try them)
  • Fusia Bean Sprouts $0.79
  • 40 oz. Creamy Peanut Butter $2.99
  • Total Spent: $37.02


I meant to post this sooner but forgot. My bad. I say that because the sale changed today so you won’t be able to grab these deals for yourself. I originally went to grab the mushrooms for super cheap but as usual, I lost my damn mind in the store and walked out spending far more than I intended. Oh well… here’s what I got.

Mushrooms 69¢ per pack (I’m making crock pot mushrooms for my super bowl pot luck)

Italian sausages $1.99 per pack (these are so good, we love them on the grill)

Green Onions 99¢

Garlic 99¢

Green Peppers 99¢

Shredded Cheese $2.39

Potato chips $1.49

Organizer Shelves $4.99

Jumbo Raw Frozen Shrimp $5.99 (You can’t beat it. And that’s their regular price. They’re good shrimp too!)

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 10/22/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 10/22/16

I didn’t go to the store with a list which is completely unlike me. Consequently, I probably spent more than I intended. 

Big Dipper Chips $1.79 (gonna make some salsa!)

Cilantro $0.79

Sparkling Cider $2.29 (so I can pretend to be fancy)

Bananas $1.14 (44¢ per pound)

Wavy Potato Chips $1.49

Green Onions $0.89

Medium EZ Peel Raw Shrimp $4.49

Caesar Salad $1.99 (these kits are delicious. I usually get two large salads from one bag)

Kiwis $1.29 (bag of 3)

Bagged Broccoli $1.29 (crowns only! I hate the stems.)

Colby Jack Cheese Block $1.89

Roma Tomatoes 16oz $1.29

Jalapeño Peppers 8oz $1.29

Flat Leaf Spinach $1.79

Flavored water $0.49

Flavored water $0.49

Flavored water $0.49

Gallon 2% milk $1.89 (first time I’ve bought milk in many months! Lately I’ve been craving it so I decided to listen to my body.)

Hot Italian Links $2.89 (we LOVE these with onions and peppers)

Lemon juice $1.99 

Lemon Juice $1.99

Case of Purified Water $2.29 (great price!)

Total: $36.23

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 5/3/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 5/3/16

Friend of mine was heading to Aldi and she was kind enough to grab me a few things:

  • 1 bag Grapes $1.98
  • 4 bananas $0.50
  • 2 Caesar Salad Kits $1.49 each
  • Final Cost: $5.46 

That’s a great deal if you ask me. All that produce for just over $5. Besides Aldi, I really only ever see prices that low at farmers markets (another great reason to shop local). 

SHOPPING HAUL | Farmer’s Market, Aldi and Home Depot 4/23/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Farmer’s Market, Aldi and Home Depot 4/23/16

It was the last Saturday for the Old Trail Indoor Market. I made sure I went and got some of the meats. I didn’t grab any the last time I went and I regretted it.

  • 1 Rosemary plant
  • 1 Parsley plant
  • 1/4 lb Green Garlic (like scallions only garlicky)
  • 2 Hydroponic basil
  • Handmade Chorizo
  • Handmade Italian Chicken Meatballs

Final cost @ $27.00 – Pricey but that’s what you get when you buy local sometimes.  I wanted to buy them all – they had delicious, meaty samples out – but resisted the urge. It wasn’t had to do when the handmade meats were practically $9.00 each.

On the bottom left of the photo is my haul from Home Depot:

  • 4 – 4″ Adjustable Metal Worm Drive Clamp $1.67 each
  • 35 pc 3/4″ construction screws $1.94
  • 1X6 – 6ft. Common Board $2.96 (I had it cute into 4 – 18″ pieces)

Final Cost: $12.36

These are materials for making a mason jar garden. You can read more about that project HERE.

On the top part of the photo is my haul from Aldi:

  • 1 bag of Grapefruits $3.49
  • 1 bag of Lemons $2.79
  • 1 bag of Spinach $1.49
  • 2 bags Raw Jumbo Shrimp $5.99 each
  • 3 pkg. Mushrooms $0.99 each

Final Cost: $14.19

I was grabbing ingredients for a detox drink I was making. You can see more on the Grapefruit Lemon Detox Drink HERE.

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 4/21/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 4/21/16

I left the office thinking I was going to Giant Eagle to grab that deal I posted on Uncle Bens Rice (on the facebook page). Well, I completely forgot the coupon I needed to do the deal. I know what you’re thinking, “you could buy the rice now and take the coupon back another day (within 7 days).” Yes. I can but I decided not to because I didn’t want to make two trips. Instead, I’ll print a coupon from home and make the stop on my way to work in the morning.

Anywho, I remembered that I wanted to grab a bike pump from Aldi. Well, $30+ dollars later and I have this:

  • 1 dozen eggs 89¢
  • 1 bunch green onions 89¢
  • 2 pkg of Mixed Peppers $1.29 each
  • 1 Caesar Salad Kit $1.49
  • 2 jars pesto sauce $1.69
  • 1 bunch cilantro 99¢
  • 1 pkg Roma tomatoes 79¢
  • 2 avocados 49¢ each
  • 1 bag broccoli crowns $1.69
  • (3) 4-pack plant stakes $2.99 each (not pictured)
  • Bike Pump $7.99 (not pictured)

Final cost: $31.78

Guess who’s gonna be eating her weight in shrimp and avocado salad for the next week 😬 All I need to make another batch is another bag of raw frozen shrimp.

Unfortunately, I had to return the bike pump. It only works on 3 brands of bikes – mine isn’t one of them.

SHOPPING HAUL | Dollar General and Aldi 2/17/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Dollar General and Aldi 2/17/16

 At Dollar General, I first stopped in the morning intending to do the Dr. Pepper deal one last time. 


  • 3 Dr. Pepper 12 pk on sale 3/$10
  • Ceramic owl planter $3.50
  • Paid $14.38 OOP
  • Got back $5 OYNO
  • Final Cost= $5.00 (or $1.67 each for the 12 packs)

But then, several hours later…

I got this coupon and decided I wouldn’t let it go to waste so I went back after work. 


  • 3 Dr. Pepper 12 pk on sale 3/$10
  • Used 1 $2/$10 purchase DG digital coupon
  • Paid $8.45 OOP
  • Got back $5 OYNO
  • Final Cost= $3.45 (or $1.15 each)

And then I hit Aldi. 


  • Package Roma tomatoes $0.99
  • 2 packs of green peppers $0.99 ea. 
  • 1 package of Chicken thighs $2.84 ($0.49 per pound!!)
  • 1 bag of Sweet Onions $0.98
  • Green Onions $0.89
  • Frozen Raw Medium Shrimp $4.49
  • Final Cost: $12.17

Naturally, I forgot to grab the one thing I wanted the most. The mushrooms for $0.89. Darn!

SHOPPING HAUL | Giant Eagle & Aldi 2/10/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Giant Eagle & Aldi 2/10/16


  • 2 – Bounty 8 Roll = 12 $9.99 each, Instant $4.00 off wyb 2 (not pictured)
  • 2 – Clorox Wipes 35 ct on sale $2.50 each (reg. $2.99)
  • 1 – Old El Paso 10 oz Enchilada Sauce $1.25 
  • 2 – 1lb Strawberries $3.69 each
  • 2 – Minute Maid OJ on sale $2.50 each


  • 2 – $0.75/1 Clorox Wipes printable coupons  (final cost $1.00 each)
  • 2 – $0.75/1 Bounty Paper Towels printable coupons (final cost $4.44 each)
  • 2 – $0.75/1 Minute Maid printable coupons (final cost $1.00 each)
  • 1 – $0.50/1 Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce (final cost &0.25)


2 – packs of mushrooms $0.69 each

2 – Drink mix $1.69 each

1 – Bag of garden salad $0.69

1 – bag of spinach $1.49

1 – Seat Cover Kit $19.99 (not pictured)

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 2/3/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 2/3/16


  • 2 lb bag of red grapes $1.98
  • Fresh asparagus $1.99
  • Clancy tortilla chips 99¢
  • Garlic stuffed olives $3.29
  • 2 dozen eggs 99¢ each
  • 1 avocado 39¢
  • St. Louis Spareribs $9.36

Paid $19.98

Get back 25¢ Checkout 51 avocado rebate 

Final cost: $19.73

SIDE NOTE: with eggs being so cheap this would be a good time to make egg drop soup! I’ve got a great recipe for you too. It’s economical, easy and “souper” tasty. Try my recipe for Egg Drop Soup HERE. Egg salad is also another good option. See that recipe HERE

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 1/10/16

SHOPPING HAUL | Aldi 1/10/16

There was nothing too exciting in the Aldi circular this week in my opinion. But I did go grab their 4″ indoor plants for $1.99 each. The selection was limited. Only 3 plant varieties to choose from: Neanthe Bella palms, snake plant and arboricola (aka inmbrella plant). Lucky for me the palms were perfect for the project I had in mind. 

I bought four of them and after taxes my total came to $8.50.

During my last trip to IKEA I picked up a trio of THESE hanging planters. They were $9.99 each. 

I have them hanging in my kitchen windows and overtime I’ve been planting in them. They look great and they’re sturdy. Initially I wanted to use them to plant herbs in for use in my kitchen. 

In one of them I planted arrow heads and pothos. Both of which appear to be just fine in this container. 

In the second planter I planted asparagus fern and parsley. These plants are also doing very well. 

And in the third one I was planting seasonal things like small mums, Christmas cactuses and so forth. But now I think I’ve found some forever plants for it. 


I think the palms look great, don’t you? It’ll work for the time being anyway. You can’t exactly prune these m because they only have one source from which they grow so if I were to cut off the top then the plant would stop growing. But I’m sure I have a while before they get too big. They can hold the space until I can find some healthy kitchen herb plants to go in the planter. 

Honestly, I’m just glad to have something planted in the planter. And they didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

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