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My Week In Pictures 3/13- 3/19

My Week In Pictures 3/13- 3/19

I started out the week with some zentangling. I was trying out some new tangle patterns that I’d never used before. I’ve been looking for more tangles that do good as fillers. I’m not particularly fond of how these turned out but then again, practice makes perfect. 

My mom had a conference to go to in beautiful San Diego and she was sweet enough to send me this lovely video of the water crashing on the rocks… Ahhh…. a far cry from my scene here in Akron, OH but a girl can dream =)   

My Amaryllis bulb recently bloomed and it is SPECTACULAR! I just love the jewel tone of it. The stem didn’t grow very tall at all and I was worried it wouldn’t bloom at all. Glad I was wrong. I got the bulb at 50% off when I went to my wine bottle succulent class at the nursery.  It was worth the $9.75 I paid for it. Makes me happy to see it every time I walk into my kitchen.

This weeks manicure wasn’t very well thought out. While it’s totally cute and I’m pleased with what I’ve done I completely forgot that it’s St. Paddy’s day this week. DUH!!! I should have GREEN nails and not gold/purple. So! I will be changing this manicure midway through the week. What d’ya think? Cute or nah??

So, here’s a short hair journey update. First I started out with the crotchet braids. I did those for 2 months. That process was sooooo long and labor intensive that I wound up buying a wig. I still wanted to play around with hair but I didn’t want to spend 8 hours installing it. I’m glad to say that I am still so totally loving my wig. It’s been a learning process but gosh I wish I’d tried this sooner. I do still corn row my hair beneath the wig. The protective styling is suppose to aid in the growth of my natural hair which has been minimal up to this point but my hair is MUCH HEALTHIER. I can honestly say that somehow my hair feels even thicker than before. So, that’s a positive. And I’m inclined to continue “wigging out” in order to encourage my natural hair growth. Also, to that end I started thinking about looking into those popular hair vitamins I’ve been reading about such as Hairfinity. The main ingredient of said product is Biotin. I’ve been taking Biotin for at least a year now and I saw definite improvement in my nail growth. They’re longer, stronger and grow faster. Nothing really changed with my hair though. So then I did more research and found out that Hairfinity and so on uses higher doses of the Biotin than I was taking. Previously, I was taking 2000-4000 mcg of Biotin but you can take up to 10000 mcg per day! My thought is that I can up my Biotin intake for much cheaper than I would need to purchase the Hairfinity pills. It’s worth a try. And supposedly, whatever your body doesn’t need is then released in your urine. So even if you take too much it won’t do any harm. Fingers crossed this works.

I took Thursday and Friday off of work thinking I was gonna have this wild St. Patrick’s day and nothing happened. I went out for one hour then went home. I spent the day doing some bulk cooking and meal planning. I did a few meatballs, lasagna rolls, homemade marinara (I would not recommend Tutturoso crushed tomatoes for homemade marinara. There’s better stuff out there.), and pork ribs in the crock pot. 

I did meatless and meat sauce lasagna rolls. I used the homemade marinara on them. I’m not thinking I’m gonna be to wild about these but we’ll see. 

And those ribs were AMAZING! I did a dry rub on them, set them in the fridge for 2 hours then cooked them in the crock on low for about 5-6 hours. They were fall off the bone juicy and tender. I finished them off by broiling them in the oven for 8 minutes. Man-o-man! Seriously finger licking good. 

One of my indoor potato plants died off so I went digging around in the dirt and came up with this one tiny potato. Poor thing. 

I spent much of my time off tangling I did these two on Friday from the comfort of my comfy bed as I watched sitcom reruns on Hulu. Doesn’t sound like much but it was GLORIOUS. So relaxing. I wish I could spend more days just tangling. 

Saturday I had the misfortune of spending my entire morning and half the afternoon sitting at Sears auto. I was smart enough to bring something for myself to do because it’s never as short an appointment as they say it will be. I’m glad I did. I had 3 full hours to tangle this greeting card. Shading will come later.

I’m trying to master a few of the tangles. To master them requires practice so you’ll be seeing a lot of the same patterns in the tangle tiles I am doing these days. These feature Botanica and Vurve. Both of which I think I’m getting a good grip on. What d’ya think?

My Week In Pictures 2/28-3/5

My Week In Pictures 2/28-3/5

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful. I say that because nothing is perfect in this collage. Starting with my new hair, which I LOVE! It’s a wig! And I found it searching around YouTube. I couldn’t find it at any store near me so I had to order it online. It finally arrived and what NONE of the reviews mention is that it smells awful fresh out of the box. It smelled like a warehouse and chemicals. It’s 100% human hair and it comes prebumped (pre curled and styled to where you’re supposed to be able to take it out of the box, put it on and go). But I had to wash it because the odor was too strong. Unfortunately, washing it removed the fabulous curls they put in it and so it was up to me to restyle it… Oh boy. Not my strong suite but I feel like I did a great job. It’s not perfect but maybe that even makes it look more natural. 

Then, I stamped my nails again (fingers and toes). Pretty simple. I just covered the whole nail. I didn’t feel like getting fancy and doing accent nails. I used Born Pretty plate Arabesque. This is probably the best stamping job I’ve done – BY FAR. It’s not perfect but each time I do it I feel I get a little better. I used Revlon Top Speed Red and MoYou Stamping Polish White. Topped it off with Gel clear coat. 

I didn’t realize how ashy my hands were, look past that 😜 I had spent the better part of 48 hours giving myself some much needed girl treatment. Removing crotchet braids, washing my natural hair twice then co-washing and detangling, washing and curling a wig, stamping nails and so on. I was pretty fried by the time it was all said and done. The ashy fingers were a slight oversight. Whoops. That aside, I think the nails look great! New hair, new nails… I feel pretty. Next up, my wooly bear eyebrows 😜 Still deciding if I wanna pay to have ’em done or do them myself.

One of my girlfriends gave me this way fun gift. It’s a bowl holder for the microwave. You put it beneath your bowl in the microwave and then when it’s done you can pull the bowl out of the microwave without burning yourself. She got it at some sort of fair, I believe. She knows much we 3 bring soup for lunch. Perfect! 

You can’t tell from the photo but there’s 4 tucks sewn in so that the holder is naturally concave.

I’m still into my tangling kick so I managed to get some more tangle tiles made. I’ve been trying out new patterns. And I recently started following a blog that posts weekly Zentangle challenges. I’m hoping it will help me practice more often than I currently do. 

I don’t really know why I don’t tangle more often. It absolutely relaxes me. Allows me to “tune out”and then sort of “tune in”. Before I know it hours have passed and I didn’t even realize it. The best part is that I don’t spend that time thinking about bills or worried I’m forgetting something or planning something in my head. It’s just me, my pen, my tile and my tangles. Ahhh… 

My Week In Pictures 2/21-2/27

My Week In Pictures 2/21-2/27

   My boyfriend and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. We both ordered the Ultimate Feast – if I recall it was $27.99 each. Lemme just tell you, after you have a salad and one of those yummy cheddar bay biscuits you can’t finish all of this. We both only managed to eat all of our lobster, 1 crab leg and none of our rice (not that there was much of it to begin with). I only ate one breaded butterfly shrimp (I don’t care for “breaded” anything so I typically won’t eat it) and I also left with 75% of my shrimp scampi. For my side I got broccoli and I finished it. So good! We both felt it was well worth the money. Idk why Red Lobster has such a bad rep. It’s affordable and usually pretty good IMO. 

This fabulous message was in my email from Zentangle club. It mentions that the club is working with a local gallery to do an exhibit on Zentangle. They’re looking for participants. Guess who’s gonna try to get in… THIS GIRL. It’s a long shot but the way I see it, if I don’t try then I’ve failed already. I’m pretty familiar with some of the tangling other group members do and there will definitely be some tough competition. Many of those women are extremely creative and talented. It’ll be interesting to see how my little skills stack up to theirs.   

I was one of the people who received the free coupons for chipotle in my smart source me out this week. I’m guessing we’re getting this freebie because are trying to draw customers and since they had those recent health scares. I know some folks are totally anti-Chipotle now but I’m not one of them. Don’t judge me. More food for me! Their portions are HUGE and I can never eat it all at once.  This will be great to grab then eat half for lunch and have the other half for dinner. Thanks #Chipotle. 

From the leftovers that I brought home from our dinner at red lobster I made a crab and shrimp salad sandwich. I got the recipe from Pinterest as you have no doubt suspected. It was really yummy! I used a hotdog bun because that’s what I had. The recipe is HERE. I just sort of was winging it with the ingredient amounts. Aside from that I used real crab meat and omitted the celery. I would definitely make this again.  Especially being that you don’t have to use real crab. According to other folks, imitation crab tastes just as good. 


I’ve got more potatoes coming in! This is exciting stuff. It’s taking everything in me not to be digging around in the dirt looking for little potatoes.   

I went to the Old Trail Indoor Farmwrs Market for the first time. Apparently this happens every two weeks. Boy was I in for a surprise. First of all, it’s crowded. You are essentially walking around like you do in an amusement park line. Taking little baby steps. They have the whole thing set up in a way that the people are steered in a single file fashion. Seems bad but it’s not. It’s very effectiveness. And there truly is so much to see and taste.

As you first walk in you’re greeted by live music. A Celtic band was playing. Perfect background music for this event. As you shuffle along you see baked goods, fresh meat, cheese, veggies, sauces, salsas, soups, handcrafted soaps, bags, jewelry, dog treats, pesto, fruits, teas, coffees, pretzels,  micro greens… And those are just the things I remember seeing. 

I quickly realized that I didn’t bring enough money. I bought two cloves of Andes hard beck garlic and 2 hydroponic basil plants. The garlic was $2 each and the basil $1.50 each. Next time I need to take at least $25 dollars. I wanted to buy a few pretzel buns, fresh ground sausage and homemade garlic and herb cheese as well. I’m definitely going back in 2 weeks. 

The Zendala tangle class was very relaxing. You got to but Zendalas for $1.50 each and they also had gold, white and silver jelly roll pens for purchase. Also $1.59 each. They taught us about 10 tangles that would look good in the Zendalas and then set us loose! If you wanted, you could leave your Zendala behind with you name and number on back and they would submit them to the Zentangle exhibit which is supposed to happen sometime in March. 

The pic above is of all the submissions from this class. There were 2 instructors and 17 students. One of the largest tangle classes I’ve ever been to. And surprisingly one of the women remembered me from the Highland Square tangle meetings. She hopes to see me at the next class and she’s gonna save me a seat. I vaguely remember her. Very nice, sweet, soft spoken older woman named Mary. I think we will become good tangle friends. She’s my kind of woman. And this sort of thing is what I was kind of hoping would happen. I wanted friends who have similar interests. Well, none of my friends want to do this so I was going to find new friends and I think it’s starting to work. Yay for me. Also, the instructor hinted at inviting me to their Zendala sleep over she’s planning. She overheard me telling Mary that I live in Highland Square. As I was walking out she mentioned that we are in the same neighborhood and she hopes to see me around. 

Anywho, the photo below is the Zendala I did. I think it looks great. In fact, I think everyone did a great job! Above mine is one that instructor Maria did (with the heart in the center). Gorgeous, isn’t it?  

She used tangle patterns Swirlz and Floorz I believe. The rest is freestyle. I used Swirlz and Cracked and something whose name escapes me right now. The rest is freestyle. 

Oh! And one last thing about the tangle class. I saw that several of the women had these tangle bags with all kinds of slots for their pens and books and tiles. I was thoroughly impressed. They are very serious about their tangling. Meanwhile I walked into class 20 minutes late with a recycled grocery bag 😜

My Week in Pictures 2/14 – 2/20

My Week in Pictures 2/14 – 2/20

I was so surprised to see that I have more potatoes growing! I’ve been growing them indoors for several months now, I didn’t keep track because I wasn’t expecting them to actually grow but they are!! And now I have more growing in there. I dug one out awhile back and the potatoes were only about the size of a golf ball so I don’t think I’ll be disturbing them again until April or May?? I have no idea. The last time I grew potatoes it was in a bag (yes, that TOTALLY WORKS) and you knew when it was time to dig them up because the plant died off. I have no clue if the same thing happens indoors. We shall see!

I started this week out preparing all of my lunches ahead of time. I find that when I plan my meals I eat much better. However, I have to REMEMBER to take my lunch with me. It does me no good sitting on my kitchen counter until I get home from work. This week I’ll be having homemade noodle soups and lunch meat sandwiches. These noodle soup bowls are spaghetti, chicken or beef boullion, a sprinkle of dried rosemary or thyme, spinach leaves, mushrooms (even though none are facing the camera) and scallions. Love, Love, LOVE making these.

For Valentine’s Day I gave myself another manicure. But this time I used an “advanced technique” where I painted in different colors, made my own nail decals (so to speak) and then applied them to my nails. I can’t remember which video I watched first. There’s a million of them! I really like the videos from the lady over at NailStamping4Fun. See her version of this advanced nail stamping technique HERE. I did switch it up a bit from how she did it but I think they turned out great. Especially for me. I created the lines in my nail by using stickers. The nail decals that I made dried for days!!! Not minutes. And I saved them until I was ready to use them at which time I cut them into pieces to fit on my nails.

Doesn’t look all that great up close but from a reasonable distance they look phenom! I’m really in love with this method. I will probably do it again but maybe not for another couple of weeks because there’s other things that I want to try. I also want to mention that I used the new Born Pretty Full Flower Design Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate Pattern #Qgirl-030 plate that I ordered. Only $2.09! And as you can see, it stamps a beautiful design. Anything that doesn’t look correct is no doubt user error.

On Valentine’s Sunday I tried a new recipe. I LOVE MUSHROOMS but my boyfriend… no so much. I’m always trying to find ways to get him to eat them. When I found this recipe for Ranch Mushrooms I knew he was gonna love it. I’m not personally wild about using an entire stick of butter to make these but boy were they awesome! I can’t wait to try these with Italian spices instead. And then maybe try switching out the butter for something healthier like olive oil. Someone suggested balsamic but that’s not a flavor profile I’m very fond of. I can get into it once or twice a year but that’s it. However, I do believe for someone who like balsamic, that would work as well.

I tried my hand at making beef enchiladas for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever even ate one let alone made one. Turned out really good considering I substituted a few things. I went with beef, onion, green pepper and spinach. I also made some homemade guacamole to go with the enchiladas. Fresh cilantro sprinkled on top. Yum!! This meal didn’t stand a chance. I ate it in about 5 minutes but imanaged not to go back for seconds (I definitely wanted to).

 I tried a new craft project that I saw on Facebook. Have you ever seen those tutorials on the method that you can use to create a marbled look on your nails using nail polish and water? Well it’s the same concept here. Except I decided that I was going to add some tangling to the mug. But whenever I started to draw my designs I remembered that drawing on smooth, rounded objects is it very difficult for me so I wound up just doing something extremely simple. It wasn’t what I had in mind but it’ll do.

I sprayed the mug with a sealer. Gave it two coats. Hopefully the design will hold up for a long time. 

I had a pretty stellar mail week. I received a coupon for $10 off any $10 or more purchase and one for $30 off of any $60 purchase at Staples. I feel like I received coupons from them not even two weeks ago so I’m not sure why I received them again but I’m not going to complain. I’m for sure planning on using the $10 coupon to buy toilet paper for the house and as far as the $30 coupon I will use it if a good deal comes up before the expiration date. 

I also received for supper coupons from Victoria’s Secret. One of them was for a free panty and no purchase necessary. So I’m sure I’ll be stopping at the mall at some point in the near future to grab those freebies. Thank you Victoria’s Secret!

The weather was gorgeous on Saturday! It was so warm that I had all of the windows cracked and I was in heaven. I had originally planned to spend some time outside cleaning my car and whatever else I needed to do however I started doing some tangling and wound up getting i”n the zone” for the better part of the entire day. It was pretty wonderful. This is just one of the 5 tiles I completed. To see the rest go HERE



For my birthday my mom purchased me a tangle lesson from a friend of ours. I had never heard of it ever until she mentioned it. I googled it and knew instantly that I was gonna love it. 

So, I was taught by a friend of mine, Judith Montgomery. She spent the entire afternoon with me. Giving me a private lesson on zentangle and… Avocados. She began by explaining some of the history of tangling and how it came to be. Told me about her journey with tangling. Showed me some of her projects. Explained how she organizers her tangling and basically everything she needed to say to get me TOTALLY HOOKED! Even better, my zentangle lesson came with a kit. 


I walked away from that lesson with one tile under my belt and inspired. 


On my own, I began looking up new patterns and developing my own style of tangle. 


And as much as I loved it, I didn’t really keep up with it. I didn’t practice on a regular basis and I kind of drifted away from it for a while. Until just recently when my local library offered a free zentangle class. I registered and attended. It only lasted an hour long. The instructor, Carol Bailey Floyd, had picked out 4 patterns that she was going to use in today’s lesson. Crescent Moon, Tipple, Mist and Florz.  

We all started out with the same string  we were all taught the same patterns.


I’d say we did pretty darn good. And we even got to take home our kits. 


The zentangle bug has bit me again! Time for me to create some new tiles. 

AND! I definitely need to keep register for the upcoming free courses and events offered at the Highland Square library. 

Adult Programs

  • Floral Container Gardening 101 Thursday, June 12 or June 18 6:30-7:30p
  • Fun With Herbs Tuesday, June 15 6:30-7:30p
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Your Health Tuesday, July 21 6:30-7:30p
  • Flower Arranging Saturday, July 25 10:30-11:39a or 1-2p
  • Qigong Thursday, August 13 6:30-7:30p

There a bunch of other programs for adults, teens and kids. You can find those HERE

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