Designer Row

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. – Picasso

Row Mangham has been a full time graphic artist since 2002 and couponing aficionado since September 2011.

When asked about what first drew her to couponing and bargain shopping, she said she loved being able to get the things she needed within her very tight budget. She also cited religiously watching her (then) favorite tv show, Extreme Couponing, as one of her major influences: “I would watch marathons of that show over and over again. I’d be glued to the tv holding my breath every time they got to the cash register and handed over their coupons. They made it look so easy!” Row said this is what inspired her to pursue couponing and she hopes to pass on the savings to anyone who will listen.

When she isn’t trying to find the best deals online and in-store, Row enjoys crafting, cooking, sewing and gardening.



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