Baked Crab Legs, Roasted Mushrooms and Crab Salad

Baked Crab Legs, Roasted Mushrooms and Crab Salad

I was all about cooking today. I’ve been day dreaming about this meal since last night!!!

I got to thinking that it’s been awhile since I’ve tried any new Pinterest recipes so I checked my freezer and fridge. Then I checked my “Recipes to try” board and came up with a few ideas. 

Garlic Butter Baked Crab Legs

Easy Roasted Mushrooms with Rosemary and Garlic

So, I started by preparing my crab legs. Super easy! I have some really high expectations for this recipe after reading the comments and reviews. Looks yummy already. I haven’t even started baking them yet. 


Then I got my mushrooms ready. Again, super easy to prep. And I’ve decided I’m going to bake both dishes together. 


My oven isn’t the greatest and today it appears to only want to reach around 300 degrees. After 25 minutes things seem to be going well. I continued to bake the dishes for another 20 minutes or so. 


While that was finishing up I put together my favorite crab salad. I’ll be having that for lunch and snack the next few days. This time I didn’t use and cucumber. Just kosher pickle and I added some soul seasoning. Mmmmm good!


When my other dishes finished up, I gave ’em a try!


They both were definitely tasty. They both were very easy but neither recipe wowed me. It could have something to do with my method of cooking them in my low temp oven. Who knows. I say if you’re interested then go for it!!

Tomorrow I’ll trying another PINTEREST recipe. This one for chicken wings that you boil and then bake. NO OIL NEEDED! The recipe can be found HERE. Wish me luck!

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