Container garden update 7/30/17

Container garden update 7/30/17

It’s probably time I get an update on what’s happening with my little container garden. It’s going to be a long one so settle in. Here goes!

My poor little pansies have just about all died. The ones in the smaller containers that I had hanging did not make it out all day but great for a few months and then it died out. I’m not sure if that’s how they normally go but that’s how it went with me. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t over watering them. The foliago does look it’s been getting too much soon but I know that’s not the case because This plant in particular stayed on the porch and got direct sun.

In the larger container they really seem to do well. So I’m going to keep those where they are some of them did die out but for the most part they succeeded pretty well.

These are on their way to dying out but at least they’re still blooming. I know one things for sure. I don’t think I want to grow these again. They were a lot of work and as beautiful as they were I didn’t feel like it was worth it. Not to mention, they look leggy – no doubt because of something I was or wasn’t doing. But they look less attractive when they are leggy like this.

So I think I’ll go ahead and plant some spinach and kale and radishes in those different containers that are now vacant because the pansies that were in them died.

My basil plant looks amazing. I think it’s time for me to take some cuttings so that I can have more plants growing. And then maybe even be able to share some with my friends. It’s a great herb to use and it’s so easy to grow. I hope I can make this work. My girlfriend Jess has been giving me a nice amount of Kale and parsley every other week. I would certainly like to return the favor.

These bad boys are pretty done too. They were pretty while they lasted. But this happens to me with this particular plant every year. They look great for a short while and then within three months or so they just kind a die out. I’m probably not doing something right with them but that’s fine with me. I plan to go ahead and throw those out pretty soon here. I’m not even going to be using the soil in the pots. I’m just going to get rid of all of it. Another one bites the dust.

This tomato plant is absolutely wild and I need to pinch it back. It is producing some veggies but not much. I’m hoping that’ll change once I pinch all the suckers off of it. Suckers tend to steal energy from the productive parts of the plant. Plus, when you don’t pinch them back they become wild like this one. For someone like me who has a container garden, keeping a tame plant is key as space is limited.

My Coleus plant looks fantastic! I am really loving it. I think I could probably start taking some cuttings from this one too. I’ll be starting in water just to say was I’m gonna do with my basil. I’m gonna attempt to make this planter bushier than it currently is with just one plant in there. I think it can handle one more small plant and in time it’ll be beautiful and bushy. So long as I don’t let the cutting die (which I’ve accidentally done before).

This tomato plant is doing wonderfully. The tomatoes on this sucker are huge! They easily fit in my palm nicely. I can’t wait until those are ready to pick. The onions seem to be doing well. I haven’t been using that greenery from it as scallions but I may do that in the future. For now I’m content to let the onions grow without and interference from me.

My cucumber plant is finally starting to show some signs of life. It only has one baby on it. I’ve been training it to grow up the tomato cage. Hopefully it’ll provide enough stability for to be able to hold the large cucumbers I hope to get from it. If not, I picked up some stakes that I can add to the pot which could help me provide more support for the plant. But I’m a long ways off from that. I think I’ll be lucky to get one cucumber off of this plant. Lucky for me one of my girlfriends gave me one from her garden so at least I can say that I had one garden-fresh cucumber this summer – even if it’s not from my garden.

And then there is this guy. I guess he likes my cucumber plant too. I named him Earl. I don’t know why. Anyway, he’s always hanging out on this plant so I try not to disturb him when I’m doing my watering.

My spinach prevent plant is pretty done. I’m just waiting to see if I can’t get any seeds from it. So that I can start some more plants. I told my girlfriend at work that if I manage to gather any seeds then I would share with her. So we shall see. Wish me luck. I think we both would love to get garden-fresh spinach. And for FREE too!

This is my first time doing a patio tomato plant. I’m in love with it. It’s producing like crazy! In fact I have one tomato that I’m going to pick today and I’ll be using it along with some of my fresh basil to make a tomato basil salad for dinner. But the tomatoes coming in on this plant currently have zero blemishes. They don’t have concentric circles nor end rot nor bugs. They are a medium size tomato.

Look at how much this thing is producing! This is easily the best variety of tomato plant I’ve ever grown in all time. Hands-down the best. I will definitely be looking to see if I can order some patio tomato seeds off of Amazon for next year. Because I doubt I’ll be able to find that plan again. I’ve never seen it before and I was lucky to get it this time.

Pepper plant is nice and tall and healthy but it’s miles behind the plant next to it. This one finally started producing some peppers for me. I have five Green peppers coming up on that one. They have a long way to go though. They’re going to be the Big Bertha the red bell peppers sweet. They’ll be really long and red. I’m a long way from getting anything off of that though.

This plant has 5 enormous peppers coming in on it. I’m tempted to pick them so bad but they’re supposed to be red so they clearly are not ready. They are the red sweet bell pepper variety. They should be changing color anytime now I hope. I looked online to see if there was anything I could be doing to make them change color and I found nothing.

There is my potato plant. It seem to be dying out. And it seems to have some kind of disease. But maybe the potatoes will be OK. I don’t know. They definitely not ready to harvest right now though. You can always tell because if the green plant is still alive then the potatoes are still growing. I’ll be lucky to get half a dozen out of this. But I’ll keep it alive as long as I can.

Three more planters of pansies that didn’t have the will to make it. I’ll be taking those out too. My lavender is a wild child right now. I need to read up on what I’m supposed to do with it. I normlaly just molest it in the morning and driving to work smelling my fingers like a crazy person.

My strawberry plants just trudging along. It produces 3 measly strawberries at a time. But they are delicious strawberries however. I really need to buy some more strawberry plants. Maybe if I see some for clearance at the end of the season I’ll get them and plant them. Strawberries are an annual so they’ll come back year after year for 3-4 years depending on how well you take care of them. Talk about a huge return on your money.

These pretty babies have been superstars lately. They look amazing and healthy and vibrant. I haven’t been doing anything new to them so I guess they just like this weather? Either way, when they are happy I am happy.

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