Downtown Cleveland Visit

Downtown Cleveland Visit

On April 2nd my honey and I took a trip to downtown Cleveland. I personally haven’t been down there in YEARS! At least, not to sight see and visit new places. This was a long overdue trip and I was so glad to take it. We just jumped in the car and said “let’s go to Cleveland”. We didn’t have any set plans. Just winging it. I took a bunch of pictures. 37 to be exact. I put together this fun little slideshow stick around to the end of this post to see it.

I grew up on the lower eastside of Cleveland. I was VERY familiar with downtown and The Flats. I can tell you a lot of that has changed. They’ve even changed the flow of traffic down there. At any rate, it was fun checking out everything that changed down there. We even stopped at a few places during our “downtown hike”. We stopped at:

Coastal Taco

Photo Credit to Jerry Taylor

We had tacos of course and they were super delicious. They weren’t terribly expensive but you ain’t gettin’ no dollar tacos here. Nu-uh! We had to meals and two drinks for around $30. It’s a pretty spacious place and boasts tall ceiling and open spaces. The rear of the establishment is garage doors. The rear patio sits directly on the lake. A wonderful atmosphere and the people were kind. I can’t wait to go back to this place.


Beer Head

Photo Credit to Devlin Lester

We’re beer people so of course we stopped in Beerhead. We were mighty shocked to find that this place has a restaurant, bowling alley, chandelier, fireplace, and all around game room! Like, Whoa! There was music pumping and people laughing everywhere. My honey went to the mens room and I went to order us beers but never got served by the time he came out so we left. Didn’t buy anything. I would check it out again. Could’ve just been an off day for the bartender.

Nauti Mermaid

NOTE: I did not take this photo. Found it online with no reference to where it came from.

Some people we met said this was a place we definitely had to check out when we got hungry again. We decided to have dinner here and to be honest… we weren’t impressed. The food was about as average as you get. Of course, it could have been an off day. My honey paid for dinner and he was none to pleased to shell out as much as he did for an average meal. I’d try it again. There was a number of things on their menu that I’d like to try.

Johnny’s Little Bar

Photo Credit Ed Bihlajama

We’ve been here so many times. It’s one of our stops when we come down for an Indians or Browns game. We didn’t eat here. In fact, we only had one beer and then left. It’s a tiny little spot so if you’re claustrophobic then you don’t wanna visit this place. They have cheap beer though and no smoking patio either.

Anywho, we had a wonderful day wandering around. Have a look!

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