Furbaby Brag

Furbaby Brag

I love, love, LOVE my cats. A few years ago I had two of them but had to put them both down because of liver failure. I was a pretty broken person around that time. It just broke my heart to not have them anymore. Well, my friend wound up moving to a new place soon thereafter and had to give up his kitty. In steps me, I take the cat and never looked back. She’s so stinking cute! I love her so. We’ve been together going on 3 years or so now, I think.

The other night I was laying in bed scrolling through the interwebs when I saw something that I immediately got up and bought. It’s called the SturdiPet and it cost me $16 and some change. It’s a harness/walking vest you can put around your animal without having to put their legs through openings and so on. It simply snaps shut and it stays that way too. I thought this would be great for Pippen. She’s always staring out the window and every now and then she’ll try to make a mad dash for the door when I get home.

It was pretty easy to get it on her. She didn’t fight much or at all for that matter. Getting her downstairs was a bit of an issue. She wouldn’t move. I wound up picking her up and carrying her outside. When I let her go she was tentative but she didn’t run or anything. Just sorta stood by me. But once she placed her little tootsies on those warm rocks she went down! She flopped onto those rocks like it was her centerfold! And that gave me an idea!

When we got back from our walk – it took us about 30 minutes to not even make it to the driveway – I whipped out my camera. She seemed to be feeling really at ease in the walking vest so I thought I might get some good pics. Well, there was no “might” about it. I DID get a bunch of really good photos of her. Although, it’s not hard to because she is so adorable naturally. Anyway, here’s the pics I kept from Pipp’s “photo shoot”. BEWARE: She is super duper cute and everyone loves her but you can’t have her cuz she’s mine! Enjoy.

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