Garden Update 4/6/17

Garden Update 4/6/17

One of my girlfriends was telling me she already went out and bought then planted her pansies. Meanwhile, all I had were sketches of my two gardens with nothing useful written on them. I went to Lowe’s where she bought hers. The 6 packs were only $1.98 each. I wound up buying 6 packs – not really knowing what I was gonna do with them.

Well, Sunday came and man was it beautiful. It was the perfect weather to get started on my container garden. Mother nature is sort of putting her foot in my behind because my strawberry plants from last year at seriously coming back. Who knew?! Anywho, I got all my pansies out and transported my strawberries to another container. Take a look!

Lowe’s at Cascade Plaza

First I started off by hitting up a sale they were currently having at Lowe’s. My girlfriend told me about it when she told me about her pansies. The deal was buy 5 for $10. That’s $2.00 each. The bags boast that they fertilize and is perfect for vegetables and flowers. That’s all I needed to here. Once I got it home, the soil had a few¬†big chunks in it. Bark, rocks and so on. But there weren’t many. The soil, however, was fabulous. It was all clay like the cheap bags you buy at the grocery or dollar store. I have a feeling this soil is going to work well for me.

I had no idea that strawberries came back year after year. I was just being lazy and thought I’d let the winter kill off the rest of my container garden in 2016. Little did I know that I was going myself a favor. The only problem was that the container I had the strawberries in had cracked and fallen a number of places. It wasn’t in the best condition so I tried transplanting them. I think if they’re still around after 1.5-2 weeks then I’ll know the transplant was successful. Wish me luck!

I’m hoping to buy 3 more of these rail planters. I got it from Walmart last year for $15. I have room enough of my banisters for another 3 or 4 of these planters. I like to used 2 of them for flowers and one of them for herbs. But don’t hold me to that. The day I spend $45 on plant pots is the day I hit the lottery. So hopefully I’ll see some good sales pop up at Walmart.

Did you know that pansies need something like 6-12 inches of space between them? Yeah, well, neither did I. Thank goodness I read that tag before I just started plating the pansies all over the place. Turns out, I just barely had enough containers to plant them all. In face, the two red planters have 2-3 plants in them when they should really have only 1 each. I guess if in a few weeks they’re all dead then I have no one to blame but me. I may have crowded the planters. We’ll see!

Because I used so many pots on the pansies I didn’t have one left to put my lavender in. The tag on it says it needs a DEEP POT. Of course I don’t currently have one so it’s gonna have to remain in that small pot for the time being.

I thought I was gonna pitch the homemade planter I did last year but I didn’t. It definitely needs to be pitched t maybe later in the year. Instead I used it to plant (“crowd” is more like it) some pansies. Notice the faux moss, river rocks and wood slices? The faux moss was left over from my new front door wreath project. The river rocks I bought at the dollar store and I only used 2 bags.

Remember this planter from last years #GrafGrowers workshop?

The buckets from the workshop planter I made a Graf Growers last year have all rusted. I kinda like the look of it. I think it matches my front porch perfectly therefore I will not be repainting those. Oh! And did you notice the wood slices? Those were from abut 2-3 years ago when I bought them because I thought I could zentangle on them and I could not. Well, finally I found a project for them. I think they look neat. Kinda like fairy steps, don’t you think?

I even crammed a bunch of the pansies in this box I intended to throw away this year as well but it proves to be handy at the moment so I guess I’ll hold onto it another year. I’ve never grown pansies before. I certainly hope they fill in those spaces/gaps.

And that about did it for me this time around. Doesn’t look so special from a distance, huh? Well, keep in mind it’s not grown out yet. I’m sure it’ll be impressive in the next two weeks or so. I’ll keep you guys in the loop!

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