Garden Update 4/7/17

Garden Update 4/7/17

I’m beginning to plan for my two gardens this year. My girlfriend suggested I try pansies this year. I am definitely doing radishes and tomatoes again. Besides  that, I don’t know what I’m going to grow. I decided I wanted to check out my blog from last year and see what kind of progress that I made, what worked for me and what didn’t work for me. In doing so I came across this post that I really enjoyed. I know you think I’m biased but I think this is probably one of the better blog posts I’ve written. I thought it be nice to share with you guys again so I’ve copied it down below. Enjoy!

Garden Update 6/29/16

It never fails… every summer there’s some chunk (chunks) of time where I can’t garden how I wanna. My first for this summer is currently in motion. I’ve been house sitting 30 minutes away for the better part of two weeks now. Getting home wouldn’t be difficult except over the past two weeks I also:

  • helped a friend move… TWICE
  • started taking weekly adult jazz dance classes
  • had a friend who was involved in an accident so I ran him home from work a few times
  • watched & celebrated the Cavs Championship win meaning Sunday night I watched the game til midnight and then that following Thursday after work I attended the Lebron James party downtown
  • work full-time at an office and part-time cleaning
  • celebrated by boyfriend’s birthday this past Saturday and Sunday day/night

Whew! I been everywhere and no time for much gardening. In fact, I only made it to my community garden twice so far. Luckily they’ve been nice enough to water for me – at least up til now. I get to swing by the house tomorrow night to check it out again. I was telling my girlfriend, whom I went to dinner with tonight, that in 2 weeks I will have put approximately 700 miles on my car!! That’s a lot for me. I fill up my tank every 2-3 weeks normally but I’ve had to fill up both weeks recently. That should give you some idea.

That’s why it is not so shocking to me that my container garden is completely overgrown. On top of me not tending to the garden like I should, the temperature spiked up into the 90s and 80s for the past two weeks as well. That encouraged all of my lettuces to bolt and now they’re all going to seed. But that’s to be expected when you’re dealing with a cold-weather crop in the dead of summer. My potato is beginning to lean and overcrowd my strawberry plants again so that will need trimmed back too.

Here’s a close up of the romaine going to seed. I figure since it’s happening then I guess I’ll try preserving the seeds. Might as well. I did a little research and found THIS VIDEO on harvesting romaine seeds. It’s a super simple process and I have awhile before I can begin. I’ll know it’s time to harvest the seeds when the flowers look like little fluff puffs. That means that the plant has flowered and dried and it’s ready for nature to send a gust of wind to spread the seeds. Only in this case, I’ll collect the seeds before I let the wind take them. It’d be pretty neat if I actually get this to work. I’m not holding my breath. If it works, great! I got seeds for next year. If it doesn’t… oh well. At least I tried.

My poor cilantro bolted and now it’s pretty done. I need to remove it and plant something else there. I really wish cilantro could withstand higher temps. Even though it’s pretty cheap in the store, I would prefer to eat something I’ve grown myself. Something to do with my own sustainability and so on…. Ya know. I’m trying to do right by my body and the earth and all that good stuff. Once I remove the plant I think I will plant some more basil there (I took cuttings from the basil plant next to it).

Pulled my second radish. It’s gonna be my morning snack. It’s oddly shaped but it’s a nice size. I will say that radish is a pretty easy plant to grow. I think I’ll keep the radish in my garden rotation for years to come simply because I’m almost positive I will always have good results. And they taste wonderful too! I just washed it off and started chowing! I love the peppery flavoring of radishes. Really gets my juices going. Plus, with radishes only being 1-2 calories each, they’re the perfect healthy, low cal snack. I’d say they were free but they weren’t. I bought the pack of seeds for $1.00 I think.

I don’t know about anyone else but there’s a few things I garden every year. Not just because I like to eat them but also because I’m good at growing them. Tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and now radishes. What crops do you have good luck with?

My cherry tomatoes are just beginning to start changing colors from green to yellow and then to red. So far I’m really liking the compact size of the cherry tomato plant as a whole. It’s made for a great container plant and maximizing space in a small area. I’ve got lots of tomatoes coming in. I’m thinking that in a couple weeks I’m going to be giving some away. I definitely think I made the right decision by only getting one cherry tomato plant. For now, it seems that’s plenty for one person.
I’ve got myself another strawberry. I’m glad for that but they’re coming in one at a time and that’s annoying. At this point, the next time I buy strawberry plants I’m going to buy 10 plants. Otherwise I’ll continue getting one berry at a time.

Got any garden advice for me? Leave it in the comments. I welcome all good feedback and recommendations.

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