How I’m Saving Money on CAR REPAIRS

How I’m Saving Money on CAR REPAIRS

Ugh…. Like clockwork, I think I have my car good to go and then I find out something else. Last week I had planned to get a wheel alignment and some new tires to “winterize” my car. Here in Ohio, you can’t be too careful during the winter months. Well…. I took my car in and they promptly gave me my keys back after about 15 minutes. Said I needed to have my front tie rods (inner and outer) replaced before they could do a wheel alignment. I’m not terribly shocked by this. My car is 10 years old, I’m the second owner and between me and the previous owner, we haven’t had to do much to the car. It’s probably time that all the little gizmos and whatnot start needing replaced.

And then it happened, the clerk slid the printed estimate over to me. First I take in how much the parts cost. Sweet Jesus! $136 and up! Not good….


Keep scanning down the estimate. Add in the shop fee, labor and wheel alignment. I’m looking at $716!!

But then the guy tells me to go buy my own parts and it’ll be much cheaper. They’ll install the parts I bring but there will be no warranty on them, etc.

Off I go to the parts store. I wound up going online first! Since I had the part numbers I should be able to get a ball park figure of how much the parts would run me. They were $136 & $153 respectively at the mechanic shop. They chose the most expensive brand with a 20 year warranty. That’s not surprising but it’s kinda funny that they factored in a 20 year warranty when my car is 11 years old! Really, I’m gonna hang onto this car for another 20 years?! Ha!

Moving on, a quick web search told me that in reality the parts are RIDICULOUSLY cheaper. How much cheaper, you say? Feast your eyes on this:


Yup, instead of $136 & $153 respectively I paid $14.99 & $28.99 respectively. Can you believe that?! Just by purchasing my own parts I saved OVER $485!!! And you know what? I could have gotten them even cheaper if I’d waited until I could earn two more gift card from Walmart. They sell auto parts! You could use free Walmart gift cards you earn from Swagbucks, shopkick, Viggle and Perk TV to name a few.

Car repairs can be expensive but maybe you don’t have to pay it all out of your pocket. Use your free gift card sources to help soften the blow on your wallet.

Learn a few other tricks to save money on car parts HERE.

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