How To Dye Vibrant Colored Easter Eggs

How To Dye Vibrant Colored Easter Eggs

Check out my colored Easter eggs. Don’t they look spectacular. That color is so vibrant on them. And guess what, it only took me 5 minutes to do! I saw it on Pinterest of course. And I was scared to try it out because at the time I was way behind and had no time for error. But, it turned out to be easy, quick and simple.

You start out by removing the shells. I know, I know… “should we really being doing that?” YES!! I know we use vinegar with our dye bu trust me and everyone else who’s ever tried this, you can’t taste the vinegar. I suppose if you left them sitting in the vinegar and ide solution for a long time then, sure… they might taste like vinegar which is not a good thing (although I do add a small amount of vinegar to my deviled eggs).

These eggs sat in the dye solution for 3-4 minutes. I forgot to time it but I know it was less than 5 minutes. You could go longer if you wanted to. Personally, I stopped at 5 minutes because these colors were just amazing to me. But you can leave them in to get darker and darker.

If you’re wondering how come some of the eggs have completely dyed whites and the others are only dyed on the outside well that’s because I cut some of them in half before I dyed them. I like the combination of the two methods of dying the eggs. I think it makes them all the more fun but my boyfriend couldn’t wrap his head around it. He thought it was strange to have colored egg whites. After a bit his curiosity got the best of him. He tried one and liked it but still couldn’t get past the colored egg whites. So, fortunately for me I was an egg eating mo-fo that week.

Easter Egg Hacks - Color Blends and Tips from McCormick. Think outside the Carton with these Easter Egg Dying Ideas on Frugal Coupon Living - Shaving Cream, Crayons, Chalk, Foil and more ideas to explore for you Easter Craft Ideas.:

For my colors I used a chart from McCormick that I also found on Pinterest. The colors I chose for my eggs were the green apple, deep purple, raspberry and apricot. Good luck!

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