My Week In Pictures 10/1-10/7

My Week In Pictures 10/1-10/7

I finally made some time for zentangling. I spent Saturday night drawing it and then I tried to get it colored but I have yet to make time for that. I’ll be doing that over the next week. And I’ll probably have to carry this in my book bag. Wish me luck that I don’t ruin it somehow. Anyway, I used the tangles trilobyte, Kuki & Floo. And then at the top of the gem I’m doing a gemstone =)

I tried a new recipe. Found it on Pinterest for BBQ Chicken Quesadilla. It was pretty simple to make. Chicken, tortilla, BBQ sauce, onions, olive oil, salt and pepper. Stuff we all pretty much have in the house at any given time. And then I paired it with some sweet potato fries. They’re the frozen kind and it’s the first time I’m trying them. I decided to toss them around in some garlic oil and heated fresh garlic. What a great idea that was. This entire meal was delicious. My boyfriend absolutely loved this. Even he was shocked that he liked the sweet potato fries. I will definitely make this again.

I have been having the hardest time getting my work discount verified with Verizon Wireless. First, I submitted my paystub online. they came back a week later and told me that I still needed to resubmit. So then I drove to a Verizon store near my work. I spent 15minutes in there while those people did something. When they were done they told me that my discount would take effect in a few days. Fast forward another week and my mom gets a message from Verizon saying that we’re gonna lose our discount – yet again. So, I drive to the Verizon store closer to my home. While I was there this message popped up and then about 2 minutes later the Verizon rep was in front of me trying to help me. Unfortunately, he was unable to get anything done. Told me to call corporate.

I bought some peppers middle of last week. I had every intention of eating them but every day something else would come up. Well, finally I checked my crisper and noticed that these peppers look a little dry. I had just read not too long ago that you could get peppers to re-firm but putting them in water and/or putting them in water. I’m gonna give it a try. The instructions said that if after 3 days you don’t notice a change then it’s not gonna happen. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah… my little container garden is giving me the fruits of my labor still. Beautiful strawberries and tomatoes plus a funky cucumber. You know, all of my cucumbers this year were inedible. Such a shame. I don’t think I’m gonna try my hand at growing them again. I’ve only had success like once.

My landlord surprised the crap out of me. She decided to clear out the back side of the house. It was actually a lot of overgrown vegetation that provided privacy for me. Now, I’m all out in the open. I know it doesn’t look like it from this angle but trust me – I’m exposed now. Every time I walk out of my door I get a strange feeling that someone is watching me. It’s gonna take some time for me to be comfortable with this.


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