My Week In Pictures 3/12 – 3/18

My Week In Pictures 3/12 – 3/18

On Sunday I created this wreath for my front door. Looks fabulous doesn’t it? Well, it’s not how I originally thought it would turn out but it’s still lovely none the less. You can read about how I did this HERE. My goal was to make a spring wreath but this looks more and more fall-ish to me. I asked my bargain shoppers what they thought and they didn’t help any. What do you think? Can I use this in spring or shall I save it for fall?

I bought some bacon at Acme. I had a $0.50 coupon for Sugardale Bacon. They just happened to have it on sale for $3.99. With my coupon I paid $2.49 – my stock up price. Really wish I’d had more of those coupons but I was lucky to even get that one printed. I don’t know why, but I would say that 50% of the time I have a hard time printing Bricks coupons. Is anybody else seeing that too? Anyway, I used it for lunches. The first two days I had bread and made BST sandwiches but then I ran out so I made BST wraps. Used a light mayo. They were very tasty.

My order finally came in from Born Pretty. I posted about it way back at the beginning of the year. You all know that when you’re ordering from China it’s gonna take eternity to get to you.  According to my original post I bought these things online on January 11th. I received the rest of my package (the hologram glue and two white tapes came about a month ago) on March 13th. That’s TWO MONTHS!!!

It was worth the wait though. I have a whole breakdown of what I bought and links to the items so you can buy them yourself. And guess what…. Most of it was under $1 each at the time I bought them. I got 29 items for $37.71 so that should tell you. I can’t say they’re the same price now. You’ll just have to use the links and go figure it out for yourself. To buy these products click HERE.

After a second look I realized that not my complete order arrived. I’m still missing 2 things from what I can tell. If they don’t show up I won’t make a fuss.

I’m thinking about doing a more in-depth look at the products I bought. Maybe a video if the weather cooperates… we’ll see.

My mom has been outta town for a week. Well, truthfully, she travels a lot. She lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Anywho, she came home from Colorado to this gorgeous sunset. Looks like someone painted the sky, doesn’t it? So pretty. I can’t wait to get back there for a visit.

While my mom was in Colorado she visited the Denver botanical gardens. She saw this purple cactus outside. Now, purple isn’t one of my fave colors but when nature uses it I do adore what I see. Doesn’t even look real, does it?

This too she saw at the Denver botanical gardens. She said it was growing on a TREE in their tropical garden. She says that when you get closer it looks like a sea urchin. Very pretty, huh? And that red is to die for. I wonder what kind of plant this is…?

I tried a new recipe I found on Facebook for Asparagus Stuffed Chicken from I Wash You Dry. I wrote a quick review on the recipe and what changes/substitutions I made, if any. You can find that review HERE. I only had the one piece for dinner because I had at two scoops of ice cream earlier in the evening – before dinner. I’m a bad girl.

photo credit to MOMables

A few years ago I was on Pinterest and saw where you can brown large quantities of ground meat in your crockpot. I thought it was a great idea but I also thought it sounded sketchy and therefore never tried it. Until recently when I kept seeing this pin in my feed. I finally decided to give this method a try. Especially since Acme Fresh Market just had their super meat sale this week and I stocked up on ground beef. So what d’ya think? Does it work or no? Find out my answer in THIS BLOG POST where I review my experience.

Me and my honey bunny took Friday, March 17th off for St. Patrick’s day. We strolled about downtown with several friends of ours. The first stop for kegs and eggs at the High Street Hop House. It’s owned by friends of ours. They opened a few weeks ago. We started the day at 8am and ended at 11p!!! Rather, my night ended at 11pm. Everyone else stayed out. Truthfully, I’m surprised I made it that long. However, I did pace myself and I ate my weight in anything that was in sight. Did everything I could to avoid a hangover. And guess what… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! No headache or anything the next day. At least, nothing associated with copious amounts of drinking. Nope. Nothing like that. Just Aunt Flo putting a halt to an otherwise great weekend.

I spent an unnecessary amount of time doing my nails Saturday evening. I was trying out the new foil I bought. It takes some getting used to and I was never really able to get the result I initially wanted however I did get it onto my nails. Is it perfect? God no! At first I thought it looked a wreck. Then after some time I grew to like it. I told myself it looked shiny and vintage. Whatever… I still liked it. Notice though in the photo above that some nails had a clear topcoat while others had a gold or white nail color beneath the foil. I was experimenting to see which way I liked best. Well, I didn’t care for the gold. I liked the clear topcoat. And the white nail color was just okay. It’ll probably be awhile before I try this again. I do like the finished effect but time consuming would be an understatement.

I found a 4″ ivy plant at Giant Eagle of all places. It was super healthy and bug free (always check for soil, leaf and/or stem bugs – many of them spread and some of them jump. Get it on one plant and there’s a pretty good chance any other plants in the vicinity will be afflicted with the same bugs). Anyway, I needed it because back last summer I bought this super nice water planter but the ivy plants they gave me for the planter didn’t make it. In fact, I don’t think they lasted another two weeks from bringing them home. I finally remembered to try and replant something in it.

Guess who didn’t go a whole damn month of more with a trash bag full of clothes to donate? THIS GIRL! I’m so proud of myself. I couldn’t believe it when I remembered I had them in the car at the same time that I was near a donation bin. Go figure. Surprisingly, there were two boxes literally within 100ft of one another. This one was salvation army. The other one I know as being associated with cults and the like. Look it up if you want to but I prefer to use the Salvation Army bins as opposed to the other ones.

I told y’all to stock up last week. If you had the $1/2 ziplocs coupons that is. I know I did. I stopped at Giant Eagle pretty much every day and used 2 coupons as allowed. When the week was done I had 16 boxes!!!! This oughtta last me half a year or more provided no one comes over and steals half of it. my boyfriend and friends sometimes confuse my place for a free grocery store. Don’t worry… I tell them when they’re wrong =P

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