My Week In Pictures 4/23-4/29

My Week In Pictures 4/23-4/29

I went to dollar taco night at El Rancho. We love their food. Especially their salsa. Is always so fresh and garlicky just the way I like it. This is a “small” margarita that took me 30 minutes to dang near finish. It was good though. The freshly made chips and salsa come free (yeah. They make their own chips and salsa. Nothing from a bag here.) I had two tacos and my total bill was $8!! Can’t beat that price with a stick. Especially for the quality of food you’re getting. Seriously. This is the best Mexican food we’ve had since moving to Akron 9 years ago. In our opinion they’re a little better than the tacos you’ll get at Bomba and way way waaaaayyy better than at Taqueria Loma (bland, tasteless, bad service) in the Valley. Maybe it was an off night but we tell people to steer clear and not waste their money.

I don’t know what it is but good Chinese or Mexican is hard to come by in Akron and surrounding areas. But then we’re traditionalists. We don’t want fancy tacos with weird crap in them. And we don’t want some boring version of “Americanized Mexican” food. That’s right, I said it. It’s junk! That stuff’s an abomination once you’ve had authentic ones. Don’t bring me nothing with a ton of cheddar cheese on it either. If they don’t have queso fresco then they’re not authentic tacos. Sorry. We like it just the way the Mexicans originally made it. And homemade salsa. None of that jarred crap. Homemade salsa is so easy and tastes so much better. I sound like an old curmudgeon, don’t I? 

Me in Ohio. My momma in Santa Fe. I had 80 degree weather. She had SNOW! I couldn’t believe it when she sent me the photo. I don’t know if you guys know the but the temperatures in Santa Fe are much like they are in Akron, OH. You see, it’s up in the mountains and it gets cold up there. But generally speaking, they’re typically within 5-10 degrees of us. Not this time! She sent me another picture a day late and her whole patio was covered in about 1.5″ of snow! This wacky weather. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s anything causing this… =P

I clean offices part-time. I also do all the shopping for the cleaning supplies and so on. Well, I stopped into Dollar General to get TP and paper towels. While I was standing in line I noticed these dead ass roses! They were on clearance for $2.00!

Listen, I’m not one for telling people how to do their jobs because I just don’t care. But this really bothered me for some reason. So when I got to the register I said to the clerk “You might wanna just pull these. There’s no water in the vase and the roses have died. There’s no coming back from this.” Don’t you know he had the nerve to say to me “They’re fine. Someone will buy them.” I said “What roses are you looking at?! THESE ARE DEAD.” Well, he wasn’t hearing it. I put them back on the counter for sale reluctantly. I was half tempted to call corporate but then I thought “Maybe there is a market on dead roses and I just don’t know it.” Probably not but I didn’t have time to debate with him.

I hardly ever get sick. I mean, every year or so. And I’m not talking about your common cold or diarrhea. I’m talking about think you’re dying sick. I finally had another bout. My last time was well over a year ago. It started on Thursday. Here it is Monday and I’m still pretty poopy but I’m down to all the symptoms that my meds can handle. I brought my whole kit and caboodle with me to work. It didn’t work for me on Friday because I still wound up leaving early after the nausea started coming back. In the beginning, I had:

  • a sore throat
  • inside of my mouth felt like I took a giant gulp of blazing hot soup
  • lethargic and fatigue
  • constant headache
  • reoccurring nausea to the point where I was dry heaving stomach acid for 2 straight days
  • the tracks so much so that I bought anti-diahrrea caplets on Friday because my bum was already in pain
  • lack of focus
  • no sleep

I was so miserable. And what’s worse, I had to work all weekend as well. Man was that difficult. I got through it all though. Because that’s what strong women do. We put on our big girl panties and get sh*t done. Even when we’re sick.

Yay me – big girl and all but I think all that big girl stuff  – working the entire weekend and not resting – really hindered my recovery. I have no doubt that had I called off of work Thursday-Sunday I would be feeling A Ok right now but instead I’m just feeling “better”. Sigh…

Remember that orchard we put in around the corner from my house late last year? It’s looking really healthy these days. I snapped a couple of photos after my bike ride one evening.  I’m pretty sure I mentioned it but I don’t think I told you guys what it was about.

So what this is is a collaboration with West Akron Neighborhood Organization, the city and Hattie Larlham. As my friend, and vice president of the West Akron Neighborhood Organization, Karen Edwards puts it “Besides producing food, the orchard is intended to provide training and work for disabled people while putting a vacant lot to good use.”

Workers from Hattie’s Gardens, an arm of Hattie Larlham, are expected to run the operation. Hattie’s already operates a food-processing facility called Hattie’s Food Hub. I’ve been there a number of times because it’s only 2 minutes from my house. I’ve bought countless veggies and beautiful herbs there so I’ve no doubt they’ll have great success with the orchard.

In addition to being a food source, providing training and work for disabled persons, this orchard is also meant to be an attractive asset in the neighborhood, thanks in large part to the artistry of 10 teenagers who are part of the city’s Lock 3 Summer Arts Experience.

The teens, all students at Akron public schools or residents of the school district, are creating a gate that will serve as the entryway to the orchard. Working under the direction of artist and teacher Steve Csejtey, the students were constructing the 6-by-10-foot steel gate this week using a laser cutter, a grinder, welding equipment and other tools, said Klair Heestand, Summer Arts Experience program coordinator.

The gate has a forest-scene design, which the students developed together. The final design was chosen with input from a panel of that included neighbors and members of the West Hill organization, Heestand said.

Many of the trees were donated. They also ran a GoFund me page to get the money for supplies and additional trees. I think it looks fabulous! A few years from now, I could be picking my own apples and peaches in an urban orchard less than a mile from downtown. #lovemycity

My strawberry plants are still hanging on from being transplanted to a much smaller container. I was surprised to see that they had flowered over the past few days. Generally speaking, when you see flowers then that’s where a strawberry is coming in.

I watched some new wig tips. The one I’m trying out here has to do with making your wig part look more realistic. Now, if this was a lace front wig there’s a MUCH better way of doing this but since it’s not I had to find an alternative route. What I found was that you cover the hair part with the same foundation you use on your face. Why didn’t I think of that?! DUH. Anywho, you take you time and apply the foundation to make a part as wide and as long as you want it. Looks pretty natural doesn’t it?! Like, it’s extremely natural looking from a distance and still pretty damn convincing to someone who’s only 2 feet away from you. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made. I absolutely LOVE this tip. Works wonderfully and it’s easy to wash out. Or! The woman’s who video I watched for this tip said that she leaves her part in up to several days! So, you don’t have to “make-up” your hair everyday if you don’t want to.

On Friday I’d pretty much had it with being awake. When I left work early I knew I had to stop and grab something I could choke down my sore throat and burning mouth. I decided on Chicken Rice Noodle Soup from Chin’s Place (I waited to eat it until it was room temperature). While I was waiting for my order I saw this sign hanging on their wall. I asked the owner, Chin (wonderfully knowledgeable and kind woman), to tell me more about the event. Here’s what she told me…

They’ve done this plant swap for a couple of years now and usually have a big turnout but you just never really know. They ask that each person bring at least 3 plants to swap but you can bring up to 6. They generally receive 1-2 large donations but they don’t want anyone counting on them. They ask that all pots are labeled clearly with what’s in them. Everyone turns their plants in and then they begin choosing numbers. When their number is called each person goes up and chooses 3-6 plants (depending on how many you brought to swap). And then in the end, whatever’s left over is up for grabs. And then when that’s over they take the unwanted plants to charity.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, tree, sky, child, shoes, outdoor and nature

If you’ll recall, Chin’s has it’s own garden that is absolutely gorgeous in the summer and fall. It’s connected to their restaurant and has a few picnic tables about so people can eat out there if they’d like. As a matter of fact, back in 2015 I took pictures at their garden because the Akron Museum Inside|Out Art Exhibit had a piece there. Isn’t it just amazing?! You can see more photos from the 2015 Akron Museum Inside|Out Art Exhibit here.

She told me that she’s been able to get some really rare plants from this event. One’s that would normally cost you hundreds of dollars. She also said that it’s not uncommon to have several people show up with bushes they pulled directly from their yards that they don’t want anymore. House plants, seedlings, you name it!

Unfortunately, I’m scheduled to work this day at the store. I’d love to go but I don’t actually have any plants to swap. Still though, I’d like to check it out if I can.

I got a new mixing bowl. This one’s from Pioneer Woman. I love all of her stuff. The fun, colorful, light hearted designs really bring me in. I got this huge mixing bowl. And my favorite part is the pouring side. I also picked up a new butter dish (I keep my butter out like they did in the old days). This is not Pioneer Woman but it matched just fine. I love them. They’re great additions to my kitchen.

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