My Week In Pictures 4/9 – 4/15

My Week In Pictures 4/9 – 4/15

I started out my week by beginning my container garden on Sunday. Apparently, several people think I jumped the gun but I’ll show you. See, what people didn’t notice is that 99% of those plants can easily be brought back into the house. If you wanted to see what these planters look like up close check out my post here.

Since the weather let up I thought it might be good to get a car wash. I’m driving this fancy car now I better start keeping her pretty. This place is right off West Market (by Larry’s Steakhouse). It’s $12 for a wash with tires. Or you can buy 2 washes with tire scrub for $20.00. All you have to do is hold onto your receipt and return when you’re ready for your second wash. They have free vacuums on the side of the building. But you have to do your own vacuuming. To me, this was a good deal. I figure if we pay upwards of $7.00 to use the self-car washes then $10 is definitely worth not having to get out of the car (unless you wanna vacuum). Anywho, I thought I’d share in case anyone else was looking for an affordable car wash in the area.

I do all the house sitting for all of my friends for the most part. They buy me food and leave their washer/dryer open and I take care of the plants and animals. It’s almost like a mini vacation for me. At any rate, one of my girlfriends left for a week to work. I got to fur-babysit her big boy Leroy. He’s not too fond of me unless his mommy is around. Otherwise, he remains this far from me at all times. It’s strange because most every cat I’ve ever met instantly loves me but no this one. I guess it’s just gonna take me some time to break down his walls.

Speaking of said friend who travels for work, she colors (as do I). Whenever I house sit she leaves her coloring books and pens/pencils and I color her a picture for her return. This is the one I did for her this time around. What’s so cool about it is she forgot to leave her markers and coloring pencils out. So I went searching around her place for the “junk drawer” (everybody has one) and I found 2 pens, 1 highlighter and one sharpie. I’d say I did a mighty fine job on this piece for using random writing instruments.

I’ve been in a cheesecake frame of mind for the past month – at least! I finally made one. But not the way I already knew how. You see, a few years ago I found out that you can make cheesecake in the crockpot. It’s super easy and became the only way I would make it. The problem is that the crockpot method doesn’t work well here in Ohio once summer breaks. It’s too warm all around and it never sets. I decided to try and “easy” cheesecake recipe because I don’t only wanna enjoy cheesecake during the winter and spring. I wanna eat cheesecake all day, every day.

The recipe I used was a no-bake recipe (another bonus!). It just sits in the fridge to firm up. Lemme tell you, this cheesecake was the bomb. I did the unthinkable and used canned cherry topping (I used the no sugar version) because cherries aren’t in season right now. At least not for cheap. Thanks to my temperamental sweet tooth I now know that I can make a damn good cheesecake in 10 minutes tops! Of course, I need to let it sit in the fridge for a few hours to firm up but I don’t count that in the time it takes to make it. I should also add that I used a premade graham cracker crust from Aldi instead of making my own.

I opened up my potatoes and found that they were well on their way to being ready to plant. I’ve gone through this process before. In fact, I’m almost positive that this is my 4th time growing potatoes from some that went wild in storage. You guys know the drill but late last year someone asked if I would be more descriptive in explaining my potato growing method: I chopped them up so that there was only one potato eye on each piece. I let them dry out for about 4-5 days. I planted them in a plastic tote and DID NOT WATER THEM. It’s important you don’t water them because you don’t want them to soften and catch disease or never grow entirely. I will water them once I  see the plants growing up from the soil. Til then, I keep it dry as a bone.

Also, I want to mention that everything I read in the past said you had to use seed potatoes. That simply isn’t true. You guys have seen me do this time and again from potatoes that I got at either Acme Fresh Market or Aldi. I don’t do anything to them. I don’t clean them or anything. I dump the bag in my potato storage and let them be until they’re sprouting buds. This time it went a little long because I hadn’t meant to make seed potatoes at all. Hopefully’ they’ll still be okay.

And finally, I wanna say that potatoes take FOR-FRICKIN-EVER to grow. I mean months and months and months. Just because you have large healthy looking greenery doesn’t mean they’re ready to pick. No. You wait until the plant has died. I wait until the plant starts getting shriveled up. When I’ve decided they’re through, I dump the tote and pick out my potatoes =) They’ll be all different sizes too. I had fun last year eating my tiny potatoes. Looking forward to doing it again.


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