My Week In Pictures 7/23-7/29

My Week In Pictures 7/23-7/29

Have you ever heard of these little cuties before. They’re called donut peaches and it’s easy to see why. The person who brought this in for me suggested that she thinks these are sweeter than regular peaches but I gotta be honest. I didn’t notice a difference. It tasted good but not noticeably sweeter. Taste aside, this was fun to eat. I was so happy she was kind enough to share with us.​

I have been spending hours on end driving through a specific section of Akron. It’s the neighborhood I got for the Akron Beautification canvassing. While I was driving around and canvassing I saw this park. And really, it was the water that caught my attention. You can walk right into the water if that’s what you want to do. Not pictured, there’s two baseball fields, a soccer field, fishing pier, picnic area and a community center. I spent about 10 minutes sitting there day dreaming and listening to the water. I look forward to going back.

I could sleep one evening so I tangled and watched a movie. This is what I ended up with. Unintentionally, it wound up looking like an organic piece. Sort of like a garden. Do you see it too?  It took everything in me not to color this tile. I really wanted to but I can tell already I wouldn’t like what I would end up with so I’m just gonna leave it all black.
Remember those cuttings I took from my arrowhead. I was saying that I wasn’t sure that trying to root them in water would work. Well, it did. And fabulously! Look at those roots! I can’t wait to make myself another plant from this. Eventually I’m gonna need to start giving them away or finding ways to keep them from being in Pipp’s grasp. This plant is poisonous to her. Can’t have her nibbling on it. ​​

I stopped at Walmart one morning as is customary for me if I’m running early. I went in to grab some berries for breakfast when I saw this madness. They’re a fruit. A kin to Lychee. And they apparently taste similar to lychee. I can’t confirm because I haven’t at Lychee. How you eat them is to score them around their body. Peel the outer skin off and your left with the fruit and a pit inside. Don’t eat the pit. They’re slightly sweet. Kinda how honey dew is sweet but not super sweet. If you have the chance, grab some and try them. They’re at least a good conversation piece.


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