MY WEEK IN PICTUREs 7/9/17 – 7/15/17

MY WEEK IN PICTUREs 7/9/17 – 7/15/17

For my birthday my honey told me he would buy me a new TV. The one I had before was a hand me down from when I lived in Cuyahoga Falls. One of my girlfriends gave it to me. It was 36″ and it weighed a metric ton. At the time flat screens weren’t all that cheap. They’d not been out for too long. I was truly excited because my TV at the time was a lousy 22″. This was an upgrade. I have moved that behemoth tv at least 5 times. I’m glad to say I never have to move it again!

My birthday is in May so I’ve had over 2 months to research what I wanted. My boyfriend was shocked at how much I knew when we were talking to sales persons. And truthfully, I DRILLED MYSELF on everything I could because I’ve worked in retail before and I know how it goes. The sales persons generally are told which items to push and not necessarily fits the customers needs. I wanted to know everything so that I wouldn’t have to depend on them to be honest and forth coming. In case anyone else is in the market, maybe some of my research will help you. My criteria were:

  1. Good sound quality. It didn’t have to be great because I have speakers for my stereo and TV already. Luckily, the TV I chose has GREAT sound system. It’s louder than my previous one. In fact, we didn’t bother hooking it up to the bonus speakers.
  2. Smart TV. I cut the cord a long time ago and never looked back. Wasn’t planning on it either which means I needed a TV that could run my apps such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, etc.
  3. 4k/Ultra HD. Because if you’re gonna upgrade go all the way! 4k TV’s have something like FOUR TIMES as many pixels than regular 1080p TVs. Those in the graphics field know that’s a big difference. The more pixels in your screen the better resolution.
  4. HDR compatible. HDR compatible has to do with the contrast of your screen. In general, higher contrast gives you a crisper image. This too is where television is headed. There isn’t a ton of programming for it right now either but it’s coming and it’s already on DVDs and  some streaming programming.
  5. Remote Control. I know what you’re thinking “doesn’t every TV come with a remote?” Not any more. Now a days you can control your devices through your phone. That was certainly the case at my house. I didn’t use the remotes that came with all the devices. Instead I downloaded the apps to my phone. Now I only have to use one remote instead of 3. The problem of it came when I did an update on my phone and my streaming apps went funky. Luckily, I had remotes to those and all I had to do was pull them out BUT, had I not have had them I would have been S.O.L. Another option was a universal remote purchased pretty much anywhere.
  6. Bigger is Better. The one complaint I hear from people about their TV purchase is not going big enough. I got the largest TV that would fit in the corner I planned to place it.

The problem we ran into is that it hadn’t occurred to us that my TV stand wouldn’t be wide enough. We wound up using pieces from the box to accommodate for the time being. We’ll get a bigger stand in a few weeks. After that, I think it’s time to get rid of my dinosaur vcr too. I don’t even own any VHS tapes but I do have a ton of DVDs.

Remember I said I was a dum-dum for planting spinach this time of year (HERE)? Well, I managed to make it work. Doesn’t it look amazing?! It got hot too! I mean, 90 degrees for a week straight and somehow my spinach didn’t bolt. Is it just me? I’ve read countless times how you can’t grow spinach in the summer because it’s a cool weather crop. Guess I got lucky, huh?. It made a wonderful chicken salad for dinner one night. Surprisingly, this is the most success I’ve ever had with spinach. EVER. My girlfriend was growing some but hers bolted and she pulled it out after I told her that bolting makes the leaves bitter. When it was hot I would drag my bucket to a shady place. I think that might have helped. I also sprinkled it with used coffee grounds. Maybe that helped as well. who knows. All I know is I had my first ever home grown spinach salad and it was mah-velous dah-ling.=)

Guess who’s doing a 30-day challenge. This girl! One of my girlfriends is doing it with me. She’ll be working on her walking and I’ll be working on my thighs. I was searching high and low to see if the 30-day thighs challenge worked and found nothing that convinced me one way or another so I decided to do the challenge for myself and record along the way. I’ll be the guinea pig so you guys don’t have to. I chose the challenge above because I could stand to thin out my turkey thighs. See if I can’t have a thigh gap for only the second time in my adult life. I was looking for something that was gonna be easy on my knees and this was perfect. The only thing I worry about is that there are no rest days. I know they’re not mandatory but I thought I would have at least one day off. WRONG! Well, wish us luck y’all! Here’s to hoping we make the changes we want to see in ourselves.

Look at my spinach baby!!! Isn’t it just the prettiest spinach leaves? And just enough for a small lunch salad. I wanted to wait until there was more to harvest but with only 4 or so plants, I just wasn’t gonna get some huge amount. And actually, I was hoping to share. But alas, I was only able to harvest a little bit. I read once that if you leave them on the plant too long after they’ve matured then they begin to taste bitter and I didn’t want that to happen.

Remember I talked about this awesome party I checked out last Saturday? Well the guy who hosted the party took pics of and with everyone who came to his party. This is one of the few he took of the group I was with. Right to left: Me, Vicki, Tim, Chris (birthday boy), and Chris’ friend Doctor Mike. We were a fun bunch and I’m so glad I got to have that time with them all.

Classic Row! I decided that I would try and collect the seeds from strawberries last week. I started it at work and planned to finish up at home but it didn’t go down that way. I left the strawberry skin at work over the weekend. When I returned they were ready to be collected. For the time being I have them in this Ziploc. But I’ll be making a paper packet for them in the near future.


Guess who made another zentangle video? I’m really liking doing these but I’m no professional. Hell, I’m barely a blogger. I record the videos using my old iphone in slo-mo mode. This one took 6 separate videos. 10 If you count the ones I didn’t include. Then I use YouTube to create one seamless-ish video. In this one I just now figured out that you can add text to your videos. Oh joy… Anywho, if you ask me, I’m already getting better at it. Albeit, this is only my 2nd video. I still believe it’s much better than the other two I made. I have to figure out a way to make sure I’m in a better spot of the image frame. I cut myself off a few times. I’m thinking of using masking tape to outline where I should remain so that I don’t go out of frame again. Other than that, got any tips for me? Got any ways you think I could use to make my videos better? Drop me a line using the CONTACT link.

I have been completely obsessed with everything honey garlic. I made honey garlic shrimp, honey garlic beef, honey garlic noodles, and here I’ve made honey garlic chicken and rice noodles. Sooo good. I’ve been trying different honey garlic recipes and I think my favorite is this last one. Of course, I can’t figure out where I got it from. I thought I got it off of Pinterest but I couldn’t find anything that I had pinned. If I find it, I’ll be sure to share it because man was that sauce yummy!

I was hanging out with someone from a wedding I was in and she said how “skinny” I am compared to the wedding. The wedding was 3 or so years ago. I didn’t think I was thinner – I didn’t tell her that – so when I got home I checked some old photos. And I must admit, I was significantly heavier. I mean, look at my chest area. I look awful busty, don’t I? lol And no, that is not Victoria’s Secret pushing me up. That is good ‘ole extra calories running my cupeth over. lol


At the time, I didn’t even realize it. Looking back, I could’ve rocked them bad boys had I known I had them. lol. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished I had bigger boobs. Dang. That’s a missed opportunity. And I am not, repeat: AM NOT, gaining all that weight back just to get them again.

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