PINTEREST NAILED IT! or FAILED IT | Paleo Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

PINTEREST NAILED IT! or FAILED IT | Paleo Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

Today’s recipe came from Fit Sugar. Paleo Style Stuffed Peppers. I have no clue what “Paleo” means but the picture alone made my mouth water but the simplicity of the ingredients appealed to me as well.

Per the norm, I had to substitute a thing or two. I didn’t have any fresh garlic (bummer). I used garlic powder in its stead. I didn’t have basil but I did have cilantro so I used that. And I used ground beef instead of ground turkey.

This meal from beginning to end is a feast for the eyes, isn’t it?

First you place your pepper halves in the oven at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes face down.
Then you cook up your onions until they’re translucent.

Then you add your chopped tomatoes and garlic. Cook that together for a few minutes.

Next you add your beef or ground turkey and cook until the meat is done.

Now you add in your fresh basil (or in my case, cilantro).


Turn your pepper halves over and spoon in the meat mixture. And I topped them off with a little extra cilantro. Yumm!


These were really tasty. Simple flavors from simple ingredients. It tastes very clean and light. I first tried eating it with a fork and knife. That wasn’t working. But I found that if you handle it like you would a hot dog – then you’re good to go!


I entered this recipe into my LoseIt! App and here’s what we got. 448 calories isn’t bad for a dinner meal IMO. But you could make it with even less calories by substituting the ground beef for ground turkey.


This recipe gets a thumbs up from me!


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