Spring Blooms

Spring Blooms

This one of my favorite times of year. Living where I do, I have the added benefit of seeing beautiful flowers every morning. 

The area around my house is landscaped with all sorts of pretty flowers. I try not to cut them but every once in awhile I succumb. 

How could I not when I have this sort of beauty every way I turn. I’m one lucky girl! Right now it’s mostly about the irises. There’s several varieties of those around. 







There’s other stuff too. Pops of color sprinkled throughout. 


Even the weeds are pretty. 




For greenery – sorry to say but there’s very little grass. However there’s ferns and variegated hosta plants.



It won’t last forever so I spend a minute or 5 admiring the scenery every day until summer comes and the scenery changes. 

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