The Auto Product I Can’t Live Without

The Auto Product I Can’t Live Without

I titled this post “The Auto Product I Can’t Live Without” but that’s a tad dramatic. Maybe it’d been better to title it “The Auto Product I Wish I Never Have To Go Without”. There…. Nah. Too wordy.

Moving on, several years ago (at least 5 years) I had a car that would short out from time to time. It was really quite a nuisance because water was what would get in the car and short out the wipers! The only time they worked was when it was dry outside. I took the car to the mechanic hoping it’d be a cheap fix. Of course, it wasn’t. I couldn’t afford the $600 or so bucks they wanted to charge me. I racked my brain about what I could do to help me get by on rainy days. The solution hit me when I was watching late night tv. One of those infomercials. They were selling some kind of wax that made the water bead up on your car and that’s when it hit me that I’d bought water repellent for my swim goggles countless times. Surely they have a similar product for windows. Sure enough, they did. And lemme tell you, it’s awesome.

Putting it on isn’t the funnest. You gotta work in small sections. Spray a bit of the product on the window and then wipe it with a clean towel. Continue until you’re done with the windows and then go back with another cleanĀ towel/cloth and wipe everything a second time. I found it to beĀ kinda time consumingĀ and you may feel like the karate kid by the end of it.

That’s okay though because I only put it on about once every month, give or take. I wouldn’t recommend using this method. If you have the money then by all means do it the correct way. But this solution got me through until I could afford it. I know what you’re thinking – “weren’t you afraid that you wouldn’t be able to see with no wipers?” Well, yea. Of course I was. That’s why I first tried it out on some back roads and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. Ever since that revelation I never looked back.

These days I’m driving a much nicer car and all the bells and whistles work but I still use the water repellent on my windows. I’d gotten used to not using wipers when I don’t really need them which is a lot of the time when you have water repellent on the windows. I have proof! The other morning we had some slight rain and I managed to record a little. Well, not me exactly. I had some help from SiriĀ (God bless you Siri). See the Amor All Water Repellent in action!

Clearly it wasn’t pouring rain but you get the idea. It’s just the same effect on a larger scale. So there you have it folks. I suggest you spend the 6 bucks and have a bottle in your car. I bought mine at O’Reilly with a $5 off $5 coupon but I’ve seen it at Walmart too. It would probably really come in handy on long road trips too!

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